Week in WordPress Episode 6

It’s about 175 degrees near Boston so we’re serving up the hottest WordPress news for you!

This week we’re joined by Bob Dunn, Chris Lema and Tom Mcfarlin — 3 gents that know a thing or two about WordPress and the community. Grab a lemonade and kick back to catch up on all the happenings of the week in WordPress!

Week in WordPress episode 6

Headlines of the week

The WP Conf

  • A fork of the traditional LA WordCamp
  • Welcome to The WordPress Conference. We’re just getting under way and are in the early planning stages. What is this all about? Please subscribe for future updates * indicates required Email Address * First Name Last Name Email Format html text mobile

Meet WP

  • An online meetup similar to a monthly meetup
  • MeetWP is an online WordPress Meetup. Local Meetups are a great place to learn about WordPress and meet new people in the WordPress community, but not everyone can make it to a local meetup or are in an area where a Meetup dedicated to WordPress can happen. MeetWP, the online WordPress Meetup, is here to bring together people all over the world in a virtual meetup to learn from each other.
  • Announcement: DevPress to Solve WordPress News Problem
  • Instead of sitting around waiting for another site ( to take WPDaily’s place, I’ll just build one myself. Why?
  • Brian said will be a part-time effort so there goes my hope down the drain for another site.
  • Because I keep telling the and guys to automate WordPress news with moderators, but they won’t.
  • Because when you want something done right, do it yourself.

WordPress 3.6 RC and 2 week release

Themeforest Updates Theme Guidelines

WPNinjas changing pricing model

Drag and drop WordPress themes & other bloat in themes

Just the tips

Matt: Back up your data

Tom: WordPress to Dropbox plugin

Chris: Improve your WordPress skills (a high-five to Tom)

Scott: Force stron passwords on your WordPress site

What about Bob?


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