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Slocum Studio at WordCamp NYC

Fighting for Simplicity at WordCamp NYC 2012

Camp is finally back in session.  Over this coming weekend (June 9th-10th), a small army of dedicated WordPressers will head to Baruch College in New York for WordCamp NYC 2012.  The event will draw in legions of WordPress geeks and upstarts alike, thirsty for the one idea that will start a revolution – hungry for the one thought that will simply explode on the world’s largest battlefield (I’ll give you a hint, it’s the digital one).

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E-commerce? E-asy.

Trying to develop the e-commerce portion of your website doesn’t have to be a pain-in-the-behind. We’ll set up your shop so you can easily control and edit all aspects of your products.

If you’re looking to sell your product on your online, we can help you create a WordPress-powered site with commerce capabilities that are easy for you to use and, more importantly, easy for your customers to use. Or, if you already have a website, we can revamp it so it’s up-to-date and able to handle transactions.

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