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Homepage designs that are SEO friendly

Homepage designs that are SEO friendly

Building a website for yourself or having it built for you requires thought and planning.

This article covers what you should know to make Homepage designs that are SEO friendly and help convert lookers into potential clients.

You’ve probably read these terms before: on-page optimization, keywords and SEO. The basics of SEO is the use of keywords and copy. Search engines look for this information so they can refer users to websites with the most relevant content.

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Week in WordPress official episodes + iTunes

Ok it seems there’s a bit of confusion because we stareted Week in WordPress with episode 0.

Back then we were just dipping our toe’s in the water to gauge the temperature. Sure enough it was warm and we dove in.

That said, now that we’re on iTunes, the episode #’s do not match up because we put up the “real number 1 first”. So for here on out and including YouTube we’ll make sure the numbers sync.

Without further delay, here’s episode 11!

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Week in WordPress episode 8

This week’s episode really delivers on the heroics. 

Some might say it’s uncanny. Pay attention or it might go by in a Flash!

Ok, enough of the super hero cliches.

Today we’re joined by Brian Krogsgard of Poststat.us and Thomas Griffin of Soliloquy slider to recap this week’s hottest WordPress news. We’re covering all of the #DramaPress surrounding some recent “masked men” on the WordPress scene and much more.

On to the show!

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Week in WordPress Episode 7

It’s like Christmas in August!

So much great news this week surrounding what came of WordCamp San Francisco, The release of WordPress 3.6 and so much more within the community.

Our first special co-host this week is Eric Hamm of CobaltApps.com which I also had a chance to interview over on the Matt Report podcast. The second host that seems to need to introduction, Jeff Chander our acting WordPress correspondent from WPTavern.com 🙂

On to the show!

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Week in WordPress episode 5

Lots of news about WordPress news this week!

Today we talk about the closing of one popular WordPress news site as another steps into the spotlight. We’ll also cover some of the security concerns surrounding WordPress and other major milestone’s throughout the industry.

Sit back, relax and enjoy episode 5!

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A Gravity Forms alternative? Ninja Forms WordPress plugin review.

It seems like there’s a lot of competition in the WordPress contact form plugin space.

We covered Gravity Forms a while back and we’re probably due for another review soon. However, GF positions itself as more than just a simple contact form. It’s a framework for data capture and integration for WordPress.

At least that’s how I define it.

Enter the Ninja Forms (aff. link) plugin — a true contender to GF? Tune in to find out!

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How to develop a WordPress plugin part 2

Matt and Scott continue the journey down the plugin development road.

If you missed part 1, we suggest going back to that video and starting from the basics. We covered some of the fundamental work you should have done before you actually started coding.

In this episode we’ll jump into choosing the right file structure, prepping your plugin for development and using the WordPress repo.

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