Partridge Snow & Hahn Video

Put a face behind your product! There’s no better way to appear more approachable or down-to-earth than to create a video for your consumers.

If you have a lot of information you want to convey to potential consumers, a better strategy than expecting consumers to read a large block of text is to put it into a video. You’ll reach your customers more effectively and there’s a better chance you can help consumers understand your message.

We worked with Partridge Snow and Hahn on this interview-style video that features one of the partners at the firm explaining the advantages of being an attorney at a firm as opposed to practicing law solo. It’s a compelling video that helps users understand the benefits of choosing Partridge Snow and Hahn, yet it doesn’t directly sell a product or service.

With limitless options for concepts and formats for videos—from interviews to commercials—it’s important to focus on your message and figure out the best format for that message.

At Slocum Design Studio, our team has the ability to guide you from the development of the concept through post-production. Contact us today to find out how a video can help your business.


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