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Why Slocum Studio for your SEO and Website optimization?

For one thing, we’re not interested in the short sale – it’s more about the long-term relationship and building trust. We work directly with you, the small business owner, helping you navigate the complicated world of online marketing. We’ve been doing it for nearly 20 years. We know small business because we are a small business.  Some of the  services we offer: 

  • A strong overall online presence look and feel
  • Boost your website’s ranking  and conversions
  • Create a strong reputation in your local market
  • Become part of your digital marketing team.

The truth about SEO services

While some companies can certainly benefit and profit from SEO services, some may not. In fact, for some, your better off investing in traditional media and email marketing then you are spending money on search engine optimization. We’ll let you know this right front and won’t waste your time.

Is SEO right for you?

If your company has the potential to sell services and products online then you can’t and should not ignore SEO services. It’s a fact more and more people are searching for products and services online. if you don’t optimize your website with the right keywords and content you won’t get found. People who could use your product or service simply won’t see you and buy from your competitor.

WE offer complete SEO services and website optimization

Slocum Studio can provide SEO services for your small business for a fraction of the cost of what other SEO providers can.  How? Our expenses are modest and our staff nimble, efficient and well trained. We research the best keywords for your service or product and supply check up reports as to the progress.

We offer more than just keyword recommendations, we evaluate your whole website for effectiveness, user interaction, and content. We can work at a pace that’s comfortable and you can stop our services at any time.

SEO Services

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