Author: Dan Zarzycki

Where did my YouTube Comments Go? (A Google+ Story)

Update: Google is shutting down Google+. After data breaches, low user numbers, and being put on the backburners of Google’s focus they’ve decided to terminate the social network.

Back when this post was written, (2013) YouTubers were required to make Google+ accounts. With this integration, comments came from the users Google+ account which more often than not showed the users real names. Changes were made back in 2017 to using the Youtubers comments rather than Google+ user profiles.

Using Google+ is now pretty much a mote point.

Now that the social sites shut down has been moved back from August to April of this year here are the things that you will see go away.

    • Private video sharing to G+ circles
    • Custom Google+ URLs for channels
    • Editing your channel’s icon and art on mobile
    • Linking to any Google+ profiles on channels
  • Commenting features on videos with an outdated YouTube mobile app (Versions from before September 2016)

end of the update-

Google made waves last week when they decided to make a big change to the social flow of the YouTube community.

As a company that thrives on YouTube, we were as surprised as you were when we logged in to find that our accounts HAD NO ACTIVITY.

No messages.

No comments on any of our videos. It was strange.

Then we found out what happened. Find out the wheres, whys, and hows to the Google+ takeover of YouTube comments.

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How to reset or delete a WordPress install using plugins

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to delete or simply reset a WordPress install.

Imagine for a moment that you were testing something for a client and needed to see WordPress without any plugins installed.

How about that group of posts that is no longer necessary on your website, for example?

Read or watch on to look at some plugins that will enable you to reset sections of your WordPress-powered website or completely change the website back to factory settings.

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The Best Calendar Plugins on WordPress

Staying organized on the web is not an easy task.

Sites can be difficult enough to navigate, and it can be even harder to display a beautiful calendar within the default WordPress setup.

This article will go over calendar plugins on the WordPress framework, what they mean for your business or blog, and which real world applications can be applied to the plugins.

Watch the video or continue reading… or both!

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Week in WordPress episode 16

This is the one you have been waiting for.

WordPress 3.7, one of the better updates released in quite a while, is out for your pleasure!

Matt and Scott are joined by Chris Lema, Tom McFarlin, and Andrew Norcross, as they give their opinions on the new update.

This was an episode for the ages, and it is about time you watched…. or listened.

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Meet Socialize, our Professional Magazine Theme

You want people to share your posts

Socialize, the newest theme from Slocum Studio, is designed to make folks do just that.

This WordPress theme is perfect for anyone looking for a great and easy  blogging or magazine solution.

This is one theme that is filled with character, from the design to the social integration. Blogging has never been more fun or personal.

Social Design from the Best WordPress Agency

Socialize is designed to be simple to set up yet look like YOUR BRAND.

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