Author: Dan Zarzycki

Slocum Studio Web Recap 9/9

It has been a pretty crazy week in the world of technology.

Apple almost simultaneously announced the new iPhone 5 and started pre-orders for the popular new product.

Also, WordPress got better with the security update 3.4.2 and with the in-house plugin, Liveblog.

Naturally, we had plenty of opinions and  help to offer to the cause. Look below to see all that we did this week!

Simple WP Retina vs WP Retina 2x

We had a blast with our special guest Jon Desrosiers while looking at two plugins to simply make your website work on the new Apple Retina Display Macbook Pro, iPhone models, and new iPad.

Cooler still, these plugins will work even when other companies truly start entering the market of Hi-DPI devices.

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How to make your website compatible with the Retina Display

The new Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display has a screen resolution of 2880×1800 pixels.

That is insane.

Unfortunately, if you own a Retina Display computer and have visited a website that is not Retina Display ready, images can look a little fuzzy and blurry. This includes more than laptops. Certain smartphones, tablets, and portable devices also support a hi-res screen. You don’t want your website to fall behind as Retina Displays and Hi-DPI devices become more prevalent in households.

In this episode of PressThis PressThat we look at two plugins that allow you to turn your WordPress powered website. The first plugin we look at is Simple WP Retina by our studio’s own Jon Desrosiers. The plugin goes head to head against WP Retina 2x by “Jordy Meow”.

We will also explain the purpose of Retina plugins, how the code works with client and server-side use, and which plugins to use for special scenarios.

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How to make your WordPress website a live blog

There is always an Apple keynote around the corner. There is always another convention or live event happening that needs to be covered and reviewed.

People across the Internet are hungry for this kind of information at the very moment it happens.  Until, this past week, getting your website involved in the live blog business was more difficult.


Last week, the creators of WordPress unleashed their very own live blogging plugin to the world.  We even covered a video review of the plugin versus another, more popular plugin.

The verdict was apparent.

For ease of use, the new plugin from Automattic is the way to go.  It is simple and easy to use, and all updates and posts are made directly from the front end of the website. Pretty awesome.

Here is a video tutorial on how to activate and use the plugin on your WordPress powered website, along with the text companion below.

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WP WordPress 3.4.2

WordPress 3.4.2 and more: Week in WP

Greetings WordPressers!

This Week in WP we talk about two new additions to the WordPress family. The first is the arrival of the next evolution in WordPress 3.4, WordPress 3.4.2.  We will briefly discuss what makes updating so important.

The second addition is a new way to look at chronicling live information as it happens. That solution is the new Liveblog plugin, created by the official creators of WordPress, Automattic themselves.

There is much rumor and speculation about the Apple event scheduled to happen this week.  Many people will be using this new plugin, and if you would like to as well, you should read on to discover what makes the plugin great.

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Live blog Plugins on WordPress


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Live Blogging has become a very popular way to speak to an audience on the Internet.  Featured prominently in trade shows, conventions, and in any Apple keynote, live blogging is a way to keep people up to date on one blog page, with up to the second live updates.

In this episode of our PressThis PressThat series, we look at two plugins set to make live blogging simple and easy on any website!

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The secret advantage of Google Penguin

In the world of SEO and Internet marketing there is only one website. The alpha. The omega. The Google.

I know I speak a lot about the myriad of changes that Google has made to make searching easier for the user and more difficult for the business.  The other day, it was announced by Matt Cutts, head of search spam for Google, that the next update to Google Penguin will not be a welcome one for those of us SEO guys and gals.

And with a 66.8 percent share of the search market, there would appear to be reason to shake in our black and white hats.

Amidst all of this diversity, however, I welcome the change. Here is why.

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Week in WP #10: Twenty Twelve Theme

Greetings WordPressers!

Well, the year is already just past half over, but the team at thought it fitting to just now release Twenty Twelve, their yearly theme.

We will talk all about what makes this theme great, along with taking a look at some other changes made to this week.

For you .org users, we have a gaggle of new plugins to talk about and review.

Read on!

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Contact Form 7 vs Gravity Forms


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In our most recent episode of PressThis PressThat, we took a look at the two most popular contact form plugins, Contact Form 7 and Gravity Forms.

The video is just below here, and it talks all about the myriad of options you have when using a contact form, beyond simple email contact and marketing.

We have used and are very comfortable with both plugins, and we can do a ton of stuff with them!  We have done everything from user profiles to financial transactions with these tools!  If you would like some help getting that kind of stuff on your website, let us know!

Week in WP #9: Google Penguin Again

Greetings WordPressers!

This Week in WP has a lot of cool news.  There is plenty to be said about changes, both on the front and back end of WordPress-powered websites.

As has become the recent trend over the last few months, the community became even stronger this week as well.

Plus, as mentioned by the title, Google Penguin is said to be coming back and should be “badder” than ever for SEO hounds.

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How to get your content seen

For all of us who have ever practiced content marketing, there are those inevitable failures. There are those moments where you look back and ask, “What did I just say?”

Content Marketing has an interesting formula that requires both a willingness to sacrifice creativity and a necessity to think outside the box.

Aside from being oxymoronic, that above statement is absolutely true when looking at writing a great content piece that you will not only be able to love, but be able to promote and sell.

Follow these 5 ways to create good content that will get seen, and you will be well on the way to writing that first breakout post.

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