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PressThis PressThat: WooCommerce vs WP e-Commerce

The third episode of our weekly video series is here and on YouTube.

This time we look at what it means to sell online, as we take a look at eCommerce plugins for WordPress that make it easy to be an online salesman.  WooCommerce and WP e-Commerce are the two plugins that go head-to-head this week.

We talk about the importance of having a simple interface and the amount of options available for selling, shipping, and customization, among many other things.

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WeekPress #8: WordPress Updates

Greetings WordPressers!

This week saw the addition of a lot of content straight from the developers of WordPress.

There were new themes added and new changes made to the WordPress we know and love, by the creators of WordPress.

This is the first week we also recorded a webcast for the WeekPress series. We really wanted to record everything in Google+ Hangouts but ran into some technical issues with the process. Hopefully next time!

(If you don’t see the video click here.)

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Why content marketing is not about content

Content Marketing is a term that has become integral to the success of many companies online.

Initially titled Inbound Marketing, the phrase quickly changed to the more prominent content marketing.

Bring people into your site, shower them with knowledge, get them invested, and back all of this up with great products or services.

This is a recently discovered tried-and-true formula, but I am not content with content marketing. Content Marketing has changed from its humble roots as an honest marketing tactic, an oxymoronic thing to say in many circles.

The ultimate goal WAS to write something worth reading that builds rapport and trust in the hearts and minds of clients.  While some content out there may still be worth reading, there are many reasons why content marketing is no longer about content.

Here is an explanation of why this paradigm has shifted in the wrong direction and how it can be righted.

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Twitter for WordPress: Twitter Tools vs WP to Twitter

In our second episode of PressThis PressThat, we take a look at two WordPress plugins, Twitter Tools and WP to Twitter.  We compare the user interface, feature set, and support of both plugins before reaching a final verdict.

In the video, we also show you how to embed tweets from Twitter right into a WordPress-powered website using the built-in WordPress toolset (if you have updated to WordPress 3.4).

If you have any ideas for a coming episode or would like us to review a plugin, let us know!

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John Morgan

John Morgan launches his marketing website

John Morgan is the “Chuck Norris of Marketing”.

Just ask him; he’ll tell you.

He is a marketing guru who has had his hands in businesses both small and large, from Fortune 500 companies to the local start-up.

From personal branding to company branding, John Morgan is the undisputed expert at “cutting through the noise”. His book, “Brand Against the Machine”, is a how-to on branding and connecting with a market.

More importantly, John’s new website just launched today.

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WeekPress #7: State of the Word

Greetings WordPressers!

So much has happened in the world of WordPress over the past week.

We had tons of announcements from this year’s WordCamp San Francisco 2012 and from Matt Mullenweg’s yearly State of the Word.  There were many new reveals of what to come in the WordPress community.

Speaking of WordPress community, we also got an inside look at a new community feature called Notifications.

Rounding out this week’s events is the addition of some new apps to make WordPress really scream.

Read on and fill your brain with awesome!

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WordCamp San Francisco 2012 Recap

WordCamps are held all over the place all year long.  Heck, we went to one ourselves this year!

But not all WordCamps are created equal.  One WordCamp beyond all the rest is the main centerpiece for all things WordPress.

WordCamp San Francisco 2012 marks the home appearance of many of the WordPress founders and curators as well as some of the most “in-the-know” people in the world of WordPress.  It is also the event where company progress is broadcast to the world and announcements are made.

This past weekend brought the 2012 version of said special event to the WordPress masses.

Here is a recap and analysis of what happened.

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PressThis or PressThat

PressThis or PressThat is a part of our initiative to provide compelling video content to the WordPress world.  The show is a battle where one of two plugins, themes, apps, or widgets reigns supreme.

Matt Medeiros and Dan Zarzycki of Slocum Design Studio discuss the topic of the week, from a detailed discussion all the way down to an in-depth look at what makes one better than another.

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WeekPress #6: Core Contributor Handbook


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Greetings WordPressers!

WordPress has been making quite a commitment to its users lately!  First we had the creation of an event organizer group.  Then we had the introduction on some new social apps to expand the community feel of WordPress.

Finally, this week, we are going to discuss the most recent addition to the initiative, the Core Contributor Handbook.

We will also mention some of the latest and greatest plugins and discuss our new video series.

Read on WordPressers!

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Which Headphones should I buy?

Slocum Says: Which Headphones Should I Buy?

We spend the better part of our days plugged into the Internet world, but we also specifically spend our days plugged into our iPods, phones, and computers while on the job.

Just like we provide Internet excellence to the masses, we also demand excellence in the way we listen to our tunes.

Here is the sonic truth behind our personal headphone choices, and why you should be listening.

Read on and get to know the Slocum Studio crew!

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