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Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing: 6 Tips and Strategies

Owning a small business doesn’t mean having a small customer base, but it will if no one knows you exist. That’s why small business marketing is imperative for the survival of your company.

What is Small Business Marketing?

Small business marketing answers all the questions about your business and ushers potential customers into the next steps. The key first, is to identify and find that audience to capture their attention.
You do this by using an effective branding and outreach strategy. Understand that your products aren’t for everyone. Marketing is what will communicate your brand’s values, and help you reach the correct audience.

Start with these marketing tips to reach your target audience, solidify your brand, and gain loyal customers who can’t get enough.

1. Develop Your WordPress Website

As a leading platform in website development, a WordPress website puts you ahead of the game with design quality, functionality, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Creating a website that engages your audiences will help them stick around to get to know and trust you. Those are key first impression factors to gain clients and build solid relationships.

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Cybersecurity Practices that Work

Cybersecurity Practices that Work

The modern organization runs on an increasingly complex IT infrastructure. But though your organization may feel that your infrastructure is as safe as it can be, it’s likely that there’s room for improvement. With every passing day, cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated – and cyber-attacks increase in both scale and activity.  That is why you need cybersecurity practices that work for you.

Let’s take a look at why you should improve your cybersecurity today – rather than thinking about it after you’ve already had an incident.


More people are working remotely today than ever before. During the COVID pandemic, many employees started working remotely out of necessity. Now, at least some of these workers are going to remain out of the office for good.

Cybersecurity Practices online working

Remote working increases a company’s attack surface and leaves it vulnerable. Not only are companies responsible for far more endpoints (such as personal tablets, PCs, laptops, and smartphones), but these personal devices are often left unsecured.

Employees may discuss company information through personal email accounts without two-factor authentication or may leave phones, tablets, and other devices unlocked.

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