The Best WordPress Slider Plugin: Which Should You Choose?

There are many WordPress Slider Plugins available.

If you are trying to get a simple slider plugin that is fun and effective AND responsive (capable of being displayed on cell phones and tablets as well), look no further.

Matt and Dan take a look at WooSlider from WooThemes and Soliloquy from Soliloquy.

WooSlider from WooThemes

Pricing: $29 for one user, $49 for five users, $99 for unlimited users

WooSlider takes the concept of the WooThemes ecosystem and runs with it.

The interface looks very similar to the other WooThemes plugins like WooCommerce and Sensei.

While the options screen is a little convoluted to use, it is very simple to post and edit sliders onto your website using this plugin.


Pricing: $19.95 for single user, $99.95 for developer license

Soliloquy is a slider plugin designed solely as a slider plugin.

The images and sliders here have a very simplistic look to them and are equally as easy to create as those on WooSlider. Both plugins utilize the WordPress core to function, so people who are comfortable using that interface and coding will be right at home.

The Verdict

Use our video resource to come to a better conclusion as to which to use.

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