Our client wanted a bold Boston website with advertising potential. We gave them a solution that covered every avenue.

Professional Publication

Being a privately owned publication, Brookline needed a bold and visually-appealing statement to compete.They have a custom-designed website, fit to display all types of content within Brookline, MA. Content and advertising take center stage to appeal to a broad audience.

WordPress Powered, Studio Engineered

Brookline, like any big publication, has a group of editors and plenty of advertisers. We developed a custom WordPress framework to allow for easy flow of content among writers and editors. Room was made for different types of advertising including:

  • Event calendars
  • Business directories
  • Direct ad sale spots

Strong and Clean Design

Bring them in with content, direct them to ads. Too many “news media” websites distract with overbearing advertising. With, the content is strong and clean to provide a lasting impression. Advertising is smartly displayed to be effective without being obtrusive

Advertising Impact (Versatility)

Different areas of interest? No problem. We use our very own BLOCKS system to organically mold the homepage to the featured
articles and ads. Editors can use small, medium, or large blocks to match the desired impact or message. Display of the page will not look the same tomorrow, but it will always look the best that it should.

No “Code” Necessary

With all of the systems in place to promote content and display ads on the website, Brookline must need a webmaster, right?


We empower our customers to generate articles and advertising on their own website. Without working knowledge of code, an editor can log in and create, Create, CREATE. Between the easy interface and our block system, we have enabled full control over promotion and content to the customer.