A website that works on both sides of the Atlantic Cambridge means something different to whoever you may ask.

Cambridge could be a city in Massachusetts, a city in the United Kingdom, or even a research institution. Our client wanted unity. They wanted a website that encapsulated all of Cambridge, and they wanted it to be managed in one place.

Custom WordPress Multisite Install

We custom-coded WordPress to allow for 3 websites to be run under one roof. The team at can log in to one place and manage content and direct sales for all three separate websites. Because it is a custom framework, the client has access to create additional websites beyond the initial three.

Cambridge, MA

Cambridge is a city in Massachusetts and home to prolific educational institutions and tech startups. We designed the flow of the website to match the style and attractions of the city.

What if you want a different “Cambridge”?

We incorporated a visual top navigation to make switching between the three sites easier. There is solid structure throughout the page. Speedy website structure
Design was one thing, but the original Cambridge website was clunky and slow. Using our keen design and development sense, we brought the page load speed down from 17-18 seconds before to 3-4 seconds after. This alleviates the original frustration of waiting a long time to view content. It’s also good for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because search engines LOVE faster pages.

Cambridge, UK

Cambridge in the United Kingdom is steeped in culture and events. The design for this website, while keeping in flow with the other two sites, had to bring attention to tourists visiting the site for events.