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WordPress Custom User Interface

  • Knode has 20 million documents and 3 million profiles.
  • With so much information, Knode needed a way to index it all properly
  • We provided the complete solution, from a custom search display, to Google indexing, to easy addition of new documents and profiles.

Custom Search Results Page

  • Knode needed a search engine that carried the existing brand but did more.
  • We replicated their application with a new User Interface on a custom WordPress framework.
  • Results pages were customized to accept content in a unique way.
  • All data that a visitor or customer needs is displayed in new, clean format now that our install is complete.

Ranking on Google

  • We integrated code into a special application to allow the searches to be found on search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Adjustments were made to URL structure to help index content on popular search engines.
  • With the new application integration, information found on search engines registers properly and sends information to the right website.

Custom Backend

  • Content is being added all the time given the nature of the database
  • Editors trying to add new documents or profiles to the database can do so easily.
  • Instead of jury-rigging the system to work to their needs, we developed a custom program to simply display the needed forms.
  • The user entering content is given the custom fields and inputs needed to visualize the exact information that will be chronicled on a page.
  • This takes busywork out of creating content and keeps profiles synchronous.