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Slocum’s Edge

When Jason Ritter came to us, he had a great vacation home that offered everything someone could want. However, he needed a vehicle to get the word out. So he decided to create as the medium to push his marketing and that’s where Slocum Design Studio came in.

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Dartmouth Education Foundation

The Dartmouth Education Foundation (DEF) is a non profit organization formed to ensure enhanced and enriched education opportunities for students in the Town of Dartmouth. They recently came to Slocum Studio because they had a problem. They had a website, but it was outdated and they couldn’t edit it. They had come to the right place.

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Derek Almeida

Slocum Design Studio Welcomes New Operations Member

Slocum Design Studio would like to welcome Derek Almeida to the team. Derek is taking on the role of Operations & Sales. Derek has had experience in the planning and manufacturing sector for over 15 years. He has great analytical and communication skills coupled with a great perspective of efficiency in day to day company operations.

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Jeff Golenski

Slocum Design Studio Welcomes New Designer

Slocum Design Studio would like to welcome Jeff Golenski to the team. Jeff is taking on the role of the studio’s Senior Designer. Jeff is a very talented individual with great vision of what a project could become. His expertise is very broad ranging from print and layout design, to front end development.

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