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Evernote Site Memory Plugin for WordPress

The Slocum Design Studio development team is excited to announce the availability of our newly developed WP Evernote Site Memory plugin for WordPress!

Last week, Evernote announced the availability of their Site Memory Button. With this, users of Evernote can clip a website’s content into their Evernote notebook with the click of a button, and the website’s owner has full control over what is clipped. This was a wonderful announcement for site owners everywhere, because until now, it has been tough to control how your website is clipped into Evernote for users to read and reference later.

Evernote is a great service that the entire Slocum Design Studio team uses. The app is great to capture anything on on the web, a photo via an iPhone, or to jot down quick notes during a meeting. Evernote is cross platform and runs on Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPads and even Android phones. We would not be able to get through the day without Evernote. At a mere $45 dollars a year (premium version; free available) – it’s a great buy!

Although the folks at Evernote have made the Site Memory button as simple to configure as possible, not everyone knows how to code HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. SDS decided to develop a plugin that does the dirty work for you. Upon activating the plugin, a clip it button is automatically added to the bottom of every post and page on your WordPress blog. No knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP or JavaScript is needed.

At SDS, we use WordPress for clients in search of Blogs and CMS web design; we’re happy to give back to the WordPress and Evernote communities by developing the WP Evernote Site Memory plugin. The plugin is available for download below. To see it in action, test it out on our website. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post them below.

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WP Evernote Site Memory gives you the ability to customize the following options:

  • Provider’s Name
  • Title Format
  • Suggested Notebook
  • Content ID to be clipped
  • Evernote Affiliate Code
  • Button Style
  • Clip Style
  • Note Signature
  • Note Header
  • Note Footer
  • Normal or Minified JavaScript


  1. Download and unzip the WP Evernote Site Plugin
  2. Upload the plugin folder to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  4. If desired, customize the settings in the Settings->Site Memory

You can also further customize the button with css styles.

The button is 3 components, a <div>, an <a>, and an <img>. They are assigned the CSS classes evernoteSiteMemory, evernoteSiteMemoryLink, and evernoteSiteMemoryButton respectively.


Download WP Evernote Site Memory

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