Slocum Studio at WordCamp NYC

Fighting for Simplicity at WordCamp NYC 2012

Camp is finally back in session.  Over this coming weekend (June 9th-10th), a small army of dedicated WordPressers will head to Baruch College in New York for WordCamp NYC 2012.  The event will draw in legions of WordPress geeks and upstarts alike, thirsty for the one idea that will start a revolution – hungry for the one thought that will simply explode on the world’s largest battlefield (I’ll give you a hint, it’s the digital one).

What is WordCamp?

WordCamp is more specifically comprised of numerous sessions from people, businesses, and WordPress developers.  These sessions are designed to push the boundaries of what is possible in WordPress and to field new ideas to fresh minds.  On Saturday the 9th, these preconceived sessions will dominate the day.

On Sunday, the volleying of ideas becomes more organic.  There are a few “Unconference” sessions, which will be voted on the prior day.  These “Unconference” sessions are topics that are driven completely by the show attendees.  Additionally, WordCamp will be there to offer training on themes and plugins as well as to host a Q&A with Mark Jaquith and Andrew Nacin of the WordPress development team.

Where We Fit

From within this mess of ideas there will emerge a group of WordPress connoisseurs who are looking beyond the shrapnel and noise.  They are looking beyond even the explosion set to create the shrapnel.  In a constantly escalating war over SEO dominance and inbound excellence, our team at Slocum Studio is hoping to spark a revolution with simplicity.

Matt Medeiros, Jon Desrosiers, Scott Sousa, Jeff Golenski, and Chris Koch are hoping to arrive at WordCamp humbled and are hoping to leave the event simpler.  We want the almost 1,000 attendees who will be in New York to feel simpler too.

In both the coming weekend and the coming months, we hope to help minimize the frustrations of WordPress with a new perspective on themes.  People want simple and they want it to be attainable on all devices, from computers, to tablets, to smartphones.  We will be there giving a tour and demonstration of our new theme that does just that.

WordCamp NYC 2012

If you are even remotely interested in a WordPress-powered website or starting your own WordPress project, this weekend is your call to action.  Look for us there! We will be the ones out in front, keeping it simple.

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