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Get A Taste For Azorean Cuisine

The Azorean Grean Bean was an amazing project. We’re going to let you see for yourself how all the pieces of the brand came together for a perfect fit in the Slocum ME family of websites.

We’re proud of this project from the social media consulting to the professional HD video production. So without further delay…

Cooking Show As Seen On Slocum.TV


About Azorean Green Bean

Azorean Green Bean is all about preserving the food and culture of the Azores. There’s a lot of overlap between the Azores and continental Portugal, and we’ll be taking a look at that, too. But for now it’s all about the Azores.

I’m not a chef and I don’t pretend to have any professional techniques. I only profess to have a love for the meals that mean so much to me and for the family members I now get to share those meals with. In the future I plan on putting together these recipes in a cookbook, but for now I am testing them all out. With the help of all my taste testers I plan on sharing them with you… I hope that you enjoy these recipes, too. Azorean Cooking will be out in 2011!

About Maria Lawton

My name is Maria Lawton and I was born on the semi-tropical island of Sao Miguel in the village called Rosario de Lagoa, and when I was six my parents and siblings moved permanently to the United States. We settled in southeastern Massachusetts, which has been a huge Portuguese enclave for over a hundred years. The area has a rich history of seafood and farming, and there are fantastic bakeries and butchers and restaurants that prepare dishes in the traditional manner, but what I craved most as an adult were the dishes my mother and grandmother made when I was younger.

You might ask why call it the Azorean Green Bean; great question. Growing up and speaking Portuguese, I had my share of being called lots of names from “Portagee” to “Greenhorn” as well “Favabean”. And my answer and reply was always “Thank You…Proud of it”! So to celebrate my culture I have chosen to use the name Green Bean because I am an Azorean Green Bean and proud of it!

Read more on the About Page…

Want To Know When The Book Launches?

Maria is working hard to launch Azorean Cooking in 2011. If you want to be the first to know, we suggest becoming a fan of The Azorean Green Bean Facebok page.

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