Google Panda Update History and the SEO 80/20 Rule


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Google Panda just turned 24 in Google Panda Years.

That means that the popular (or not so popular) Google update has seen 24 iterations of its fresh algorithms.

Google Panda Update

The 24th iteration of Google Panda is out, and it affects 1.2% of all search queries.

Considering there are thousands upon thousands of search queries conducted daily, that is a big deal.

The point here is to be responsive to change as a business. Revisit old webpages and update content. Continuously check what is driving traffic to our website.

Most importantly, keep building on the content front and pander to the panda.

The 80/20 Rule

As Matt and I discuss in the video, don’t waste your time working on projects or content that is not going to be effective.

There is a huge time and money sink into building a great place for people to go on the web. So don’t squander it on the little things that people will not watch.

Put 80% of your effort into the stuff that really works. We would even consider that number changed to 100%.

Email Outreach 101

Below is an article resource to write and effective outreach email.

Here is a breakdown of the steps involved:

  1. Get a Branded Email Address (
  2. Contact the RIGHT person (Not too big/not too small)
  3. Use an enticing yet not “spammy” subject line
  4. Personalize the greeting
  5. Be direct and brief with your message
  6. Use a signature that matches the message and company tone

Follow those steps and you are well on your way to getting people to respond to your email asks.

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