How to make your WordPress website a live blog

There is always an Apple keynote around the corner. There is always another convention or live event happening that needs to be covered and reviewed.

People across the Internet are hungry for this kind of information at the very moment it happens.  Until, this past week, getting your website involved in the live blog business was more difficult.


Last week, the creators of WordPress unleashed their very own live blogging plugin to the world.  We even covered a video review of the plugin versus another, more popular plugin.

The verdict was apparent.

For ease of use, the new plugin from Automattic is the way to go.  It is simple and easy to use, and all updates and posts are made directly from the front end of the website. Pretty awesome.

Here is a video tutorial on how to activate and use the plugin on your WordPress powered website, along with the text companion below.

Here are the steps to activate and use the liveblog plugin:

  • Go to the plugins section of your dashboard and “Activate” the plugin.
  • Create either a New Post or a New Page. This plugin can be used with either!
  • Type in the normal information, like the title and description, as well as any headers or other content you would like.
  • Below the text field, there will be a checkbox saying “Make this post a live blog”. It is as simple as checking that box.

All of the actual posting happens in the front-end of your website.  So once you are finished typing the introduction and title and once the liveblog box has been checked, you can simply publish and view the post as any other person would.

From this point, so long as you are logged in as an administrator, a box will appear to enter text or drag in an image, just below the content you previously typed.

Enter the information you want to live post and hit publish on that page.

Voila! You have a live blog to be refreshed within seconds for that eager reader.  Each additional entry will populate above the last one to make it easier for readers who don’t want to scroll down the page.  You can even delete a bad post by clicking “Delete” right next to the undesirable post.

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