John Morgan

John Morgan launches his marketing website

John Morgan is the “Chuck Norris of Marketing”.

Just ask him; he’ll tell you.

He is a marketing guru who has had his hands in businesses both small and large, from Fortune 500 companies to the local start-up.

From personal branding to company branding, John Morgan is the undisputed expert at “cutting through the noise”. His book, “Brand Against the Machine”, is a how-to on branding and connecting with a market.

More importantly, John’s new website just launched today.

It is like a well-placed roundhouse kick to the face. In a good way.

The website was designed using the “John Morgan Marketing Theme”, a premium theme created for WordPress users by our studio.

John Morgan chose our team to make the premium theme for many reasons including:

  •  The Easy, Bold, and Stunning sales marketing design
  • Three Different Sets of Colors to spruce up the page
  • Testimonial Post Types to display customer reviews
  • A “Buy Now” Call to Action Widget to make buying simple
  • Spaces to put the “Buy Now” Widget, all over the page!
  • Flexible Widget Areas for everyone’s needs

This new theme is a fantastic way to market, well, anything!  All the features you could ever want in a mobile website are here combined with the power of WordPress and the ingenuity of Slocum Studio.

Chuck Norris invented the Earth, John Morgan invented branding, and Slocum Studio invented the website in which it all occurs!

Like what you see? You can purchase the John Morgan Marketing Theme here!

Talk to us if you would like our help in hosting your website or simply making it shine – like John’s.

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