Minimize 1.1 is here

Slocum Studio is proud to announce the arrival of Minimize 1.1, the update to our lauded “Minimize” theme.

If you are unfamiliar with what makes our Minimize more than just a responsive theme, here is a crash course.

What is so great about the Minimize Responsive Theme?

Minimize takes the modern WordPress powered website or blog and makes it simpler.

Simpler to edit and simpler to experience.

Any content curator, from the biggest of names to the most basic of blogger can create a website that “responds” to the size of the display it is being viewed on.  Using a mobile phone at lunch? Cake. Browsing at home on a 27″ iMac Desktop? No problem.

Here are some other features that previously and still make Minimize the way to go for the best website or blogging solution.

  • Specific and customizable widget areas to clean up and maximize page space
  • Different color and style options
  • Multiple layouts for a unique and responsive website
  • Support from our team at Slocum

With the tools available, you can already make a great, simple, and functioning website or blog for any device.

What have we done in 1.1?

Minimize 1.1 takes things to the next level with some added features.

  • Company or personal logo instead of a text header if you so choose
  • Support for flexible heights in custom headers

Imagine visiting your webpage from an iPhone and seeing a bright logo right in the center of the screen, followed by a custom banner, and finally a well laid out and formatted page.  It is a pretty sight to behold, and it is all possible with the update.

As always we are proud of our work, but we have truly outdone ourselves with Minimize 1.1.  This version of the best responsive theme out there adds even more customization to make anybody’s page their page.

For those who already have the Minimize Responsive Theme, have fun making your page more personal than ever before.  For those who are not yet part of the family, consider this update your excuse to join.

Want to get the minimize theme with support from us?  Go here to get this awesome theme! Comment below and we will make sure to get to you!

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