Meet Modern Estate, the Best Real Estate Theme on WordPress

Modern Estate, our real estate theme, has finally arrived for your instant downloading pleasure!

That’s right!

This WordPress theme, previously featured strictly on our website, is now available in free format on the WordPress repository.

Why Choose our Real Estate Theme?

Our theme is designed to provide a large assortment of features that aid in the selling of properties.

The features include realtor pages, social media sharing buttons, video support, and support for image sliders (for the listing of a specific property)

Customizable search bars allow the customer to easily sort properties by filters like the number of bedrooms and/or the price.

We begin with a clean interface that is made to work with popular plugins as well as some of our own plugins…

Add Listings with our Easy Real Estate Plugin

We made a conscious decision to include the real estate plugin separately. It is free and can be found on github.

So many developers put real estate-centric stuff (like listing creators) right into theme.

But putting all of the features into the theme code can lead to headaches. Updates to WordPress in the future can get messy and having everything there all the time can make a website run more slowly.

Not everybody wants to “supersize” their website!

What if you decide you want to use our theme for something different than real estate?

It is gorgeous and ready for mobile phones & tablets after all.

It is important that your theme has value, even after the fact. Because the plugin is downloaded by itself and not built-in to the theme, you can get more life out of the theme you either acquired for free or purchased.

Modern Estate Pro

Give the free version a shot.

If you like it but wish you had a bit of extra support, there is always the pro theme.

Like many of our premium options, the paid version of this real estate theme provides you with a direct line of contact and more importantly support with our WordPress agency when there is an issue with the theme.

For the developer or designer out there, the pro version of the theme also gives you access to more colors, font styles, and even custom CSS style and script functionality.

Get Modern Estate

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