MP6 and Widget changes in WordPress 3.8 – Week in WordPress Episode 18

It is a very “professional” episode of the Week in WordPress.

Is WordPress as we know it going downhill? Is it going to be a Ghost in the next few years?

Matt, Scott, and Dan from Slocum Studio don’t seem to think so!

WordPress Headlines:

WordPress Gold Rush

  • With plugins where they are, is WordPress in a Gold Rush?
  • Are we doomed to fail?

Future of WordPress Plugin Development

  • Companies like Gravity Forms allowing for more open development
  • Plugins as a platform
  • The “appification” of WordPress?
  • MP6 a clear sign

Automattic had NO Email, No Office Workers

  • How Automattic made their way to $1 Billion
  • They did it without wearing pants
  • Matt Mullenweg talks about the company mentality

Future of WordPress Widgets

  • New proposal for WordPress 3.8
  • Make it easier to manage where widgets live
  • Get rid of the sidebar
  • Click on a widget, select from a dropdown where the widget is going to go.

Is WordPress Falling Behind or Still Leading?

  • A point/counterpoint discussion of where WordPress is headed
  • Will platforms like Ghost take over?

Boring, Boring WordPress

  • Similar to the last article
  • More negative
  • Mostly visual tweaks without a lot of substance or added value in WordPress 3.8

Tour Automattic without Leaving your House

  • Virtual tour of Automattic’s office, courtesy of Google
  • Yet the Google Maps street view is out of date?
  • C’mon Google!!

Just the Tips


  • An open-source writing program from folks at Trinity College
  • WordPress plugins used for increasing ebook potential
  • Collaborative writing ala Google Drive?


  • Our newest plugin!
  • Try it out for free or purchase the pro version


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