Proud To Host A Great Non-Profit:

Slocum Studio is proud to host the website for the b Positive Project. Our talented web team has launched an amazing new site for a great cause. Our lead designer Jeff Golenski has put an amazing amount of effort into the usability of their new site. Jonathan Desrosiers, lead developer, has flexed his development muscle to integrate a wide variety of features.

Interested to learn a little more about b Positive? Here is a summary from Steve Martin creator and founder of the organization:

The b Positive Project – An apparel company that gives back to non-profits. When you see someone wearing the “b” it means they are doing good for others. We believe in creating quality, comfortable and inspiring apparel that motivates you and makes you feel good in your mind, body, soul and heart.

I asked Steve to describe his experience with Jeff and Jon working with him on the new site launch:

I was first referred to Jeff back in the spring/summer of 2009 and from the first initial phone call he made me feel at ease about the development of my website. I told him what my initial goals were and then we had our first face to face meeting. This is where I also first met Jonathan. From our first initial consultation, I knew that the two of these guys knew there stuff and they understood my wants and needs. I’ve worked with developers in the past and these guys were by far more advanced then the previous developers. Almost a year and half later, they are still working with me “hand and hand” on the overall and ongoing development of the website. In addition to their expertise, they are two of the most genuine guys that I know and have been a pleasure to work with. Jon and Jeff are very good at what they do and they are extremely helpful whenever I have a question. They always have a solution to my problem and whenever they don’t know the answer they figure it out.

In closing with Steve, we talked about the future of the project and services with the studio:

First, I can’t thank Slocum Design Studio enough for hosting the website for us. In this economy, it’s hard to find a company willing to offer up their services. Slocum’s team area a great bunch of individuals and I can’t wait to explore the opportunities of photography and video for our next project!

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