How to reset or delete a WordPress install using plugins

There are plenty of reasons why you would want to delete or simply reset a WordPress install.

Imagine for a moment that you were testing something for a client and needed to see WordPress without any plugins installed.

How about that group of posts that is no longer necessary on your website, for example?

Read or watch on to look at some plugins that will enable you to reset sections of your WordPress-powered website or completely change the website back to factory settings.

Reset an entire WordPress install with WordPress Database Reset

WordPress Database Reset, from Chris Berthe, is a very simple plugin. But it does what it sets out to do effectively.

Basically, if you want to set a WordPress install back to nil, this is the plugin to use.

Simply install the plugin and select the option to reset the database, and you have effectively wiped all database tables on WordPress back to nothing.

Delete Specific Posts and Pages using Bulk Delete

For wiping an install clean, WordPress Database Reset is your best option.

But what if you want to get rid of a particular piece of WordPress only?

For that, you would want to use Bulk Delete from Sudar Muthu. This plugin allows the user to delete posts and pages completely, by category, by tag, and even by custom post types, fields, and taxonomies.

Creating destructive content using Bulk Delete

Deleting content isn’t just for cleaning purposes, either.

With the premium version of Bulk Delete, you can schedule the deletion of posts and pages on your website.

This is extremely helpful for time sensitive content.

Turn WordPress into Snapchat

That sensitive content can additionally be exploited (from a marketing perspective at least).

You can use premium Bulk Delete on posts or item sales to gamify your website.

Display an image or special product hat only exists for a day. How about a juicy article that is only around for a week? These practices entice people to come back to the website more frequently.

Much like Snapchat, where pictures only exist for mere seconds, you can make your content just as “instantly desirable”.


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