SlideDeck 2 WordPress slider review

To slide or not to slide — that is the question.

In the new SEO age, our familiar friend the slider is making it’s way tot he chopping block. Slow load times, unfriendly touch interfaces and lack of quick content access.

However, one of the most popular WordPress slider plugins is poised to make comeback. Check out SlideDeck 2 in our latest PressThis episode!

PressThis episode 38: SlideDeck 2

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After reviewing SlideDeck 2, it’s clear that the team at Digital Telepathy has something new in mind.

Call it something out of Apple’s playbook. They are marketing the slider as a way to promote and engage content. Not just photos and posts, but feeds, videos and social content.

Yes, it’s still a slider and the fundamentals are a bit long in the tooth — some even say they suck. I just feel different about using SlideDeck 2.

If I were a new publisher that needed to feature content from within my site or from around the web, I’d give this gorgeous looking slider a second look.

What we like

  • Slick sliders
  • Tons of options
  • Mobile and touch responsive

What we didn’t like

  • The “lenses” were a bit confusing
  • Responsive works, just wasn’t clear how to activate
  • Are sliders still useful?


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