Which Headphones should I buy?

Slocum Says: Which Headphones Should I Buy?

We spend the better part of our days plugged into the Internet world, but we also specifically spend our days plugged into our iPods, phones, and computers while on the job.

Just like we provide Internet excellence to the masses, we also demand excellence in the way we listen to our tunes.

Here is the sonic truth behind our personal headphone choices, and why you should be listening.

Read on and get to know the Slocum Studio crew!

Chris Koch – Developer

His arsenal: AKG K-240 Studio Headphones

“Bought with a good preamp, this headphone is awesome.”

Price:  Around $100,

w/Pre-amps and studio gear: $240

Scott – Web Designer and Developer

His arsenal: Sennheiser HD 202

“These headphones were a Christmas present.

Pretty good headphones for $30.”

Price: ….$30

Ryan – Web Designer

His arsenal: UrbanEars Plattan – White

“They suck.

They get super uncomfortable.

But they are great on the go and they fold up.”

Price: $60

Matt – Director and Project Manager

His arsenal: Klipsch Image One

“The sound quality and compactness are great.”

Price: $150

Jon – Web Developer

His aresenal: Sony MDR-XB500

“I am very picky about headphones.

Returned 4 headphones before I found these.

They need to be comfortable since I wear them all day.

Also, they help to drown out Matt’s moaning and groaning and my own developer talk.”  😛

Price: $80

Dan – WordPress Evangelist

His arsenal: Sennheiser HD 280 Studio Headphones, Bose iE2 earbuds

“For Studio recording and flat audio, the Sennheisers are unbelievable.  They are also relatively cheap.

The Bose earbuds stay in your ears NO MATTER WHAT, and have an amazing sound quality for an earbud.

Perfect for running.”

Sennheiser HD 280 Price: $100

Bose iE2 Price: $100

Derek – Operations and Sales Manager

His arsenal: No Name Earbuds

“All tweeter, no bass.  Can barely hear it.”

Price: ???


What are your favorite headphones?

Want a recommendation on which headphones to buy?

Post below!

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