Kyrus Mobile Minimize Theme

The Power of Minimize and Kyrus Mobile

Fresh off the heels of creating a custom website about the fun of driving, Slocum Studio has worked with yet another vehicle-oriented company. In this case, the company is Kyrus Mobile, and their company is all about the liabilities associated with improper driving within an employment space.

Kyrus Mobile is a phone software designed to inhibit the functions of texting and other distractions while driving, so we were excited to provide our technological prowess in an already technological environment.

We created a completely custom website for Kyrus, using the blueprint of our amazing Minimize Theme.  This project included many custom elements:

  • Custom Slider Header
  • Custom Social Links
  • Custom Widgets for News and Contact

We worked with Kyrus Mobile to design the website to have a custom feel with a custom color palette to mimic the very serious nature of the business they are conducting. Kyrus Mobile will save lives with their groundbreaking software.  We will continue to save businesses with our highly customizable Minimize Theme.

With our Minimize Theme and the team at Slocum Design Studio, you get a premium product at a great price with the premium support and updates you would expect from a dedicated web development team.  In the case of so many businesses we have helped, the end result of our work is a simple and efficient theme with all the customization to make a unique and effective website. If you would like to be a part of the fast growing Slocum community, contact us below!

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