Video & DVD Production

More and more people realize just how powerful video can be in their marketing efforts…technology has advanced significantly in the High Definition area and we have learned many new ways to deliver these video products.

As an example you can now spread your message across various platforms and media types including  cds, dvds, portable devices, tv networks and the web.

But as important as this new media type is you still have to know where and when to use it. We’ve spent years marketing in various market areas, we know what works and what doesn’t and when to jump in!

We know the cost of productions, understand the bottom line and that you need to see results. So although we spend time with the creative aspects of your project, we also have an eye on delivering your message effectively and making sure we connect with your audience.

Slocum Design Studio can manage the entire project, from script development and the acquisition of raw footage at just about any location, right through the editing phase and on to final duplication and distribution on DVD, CD-ROM, or the Internet. Our video studio is located in Dartmouth, Massachusetts.

The following are examples of the services that we provide:

  • Infomercials
  • Instructional Videos
  • Sales & Marketing Presentations
  • DVD Duplication
  • Training Videos
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Construction – Time Lapse
  • Meeting Openers
  • Public Relations
  • Trade Shows
  • Concept Development
  • Graphics Animation, Actors, Narrators, Script Writers, etc.
  • Tape Duplication or Tape to DVD
  • Film to Video

Want a custom design to go on your DVD, or maybe some beautiful packaging? Head on over to DVD & CD Packaging to learn more!