Slocum Studio Web Recap 9/9

It has been a pretty crazy week in the world of technology.

Apple almost simultaneously announced the new iPhone 5 and started pre-orders for the popular new product.

Also, WordPress got better with the security update 3.4.2 and with the in-house plugin, Liveblog.

Naturally, we had plenty of opinions and  help to offer to the cause. Look below to see all that we did this week!

Simple WP Retina vs WP Retina 2x

We had a blast with our special guest Jon Desrosiers while looking at two plugins to simply make your website work on the new Apple Retina Display Macbook Pro, iPhone models, and new iPad.

Cooler still, these plugins will work even when other companies truly start entering the market of Hi-DPI devices.

How to Liveblog on WordPress

How about some more video content?! This week, we also provided you with an in-depth lookat how to run and use the new WordPress Liveblog plugin.

We also talked about tips to get your Liveblog running smoothly.

Week in WP

In our most recent Week in WP, we talked about the security update that was just released last week, WordPress 3.4.2.

Week in WP WordPress 3.4.2

We also discussed how important and imperative it is to consistently update your website in a timely fashion.

Updates need to happen or else your chances of getting hacked increase immensely.


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