Week in WordPress episode 4: Hot Dogs, NSA and WordPress

Thought you could escape another fantastic episode of Week in WordPress because of the holiday?

Think again!

This week we’re joined by Carrie Dils and Austin Gunter to give us their professional insight on the happenings surrounding WordPress. If you missed the live show, don’t forget to tune in every Friday at 2PM EST.

Luckily for you, we recorded it. On to the show!

Week in WordPress episode 4

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New ThemeForest submission requirements

WordPress.org, Reddit, Mozilla & Others Will Participate In Anti-NSA Web Protests On July 4th

WPBeginner $25k giveaway and they are trying to build a school

PressGram AngelList

  • Kickstarter helped get this off the ground; won’t keep the app going due to increased needs
  • Server and Data Costs
  • Talent (for the iOS app)
  • Other (turning the app into a business)
  • John mentions cloud-based services that’ll create the experience for the social networking piece

WPEngine Has A DNS Outage

Future of Commercial Plugins – FooPlugins (Adam Warner)

  • https://fooplugins.com/what-is-the-future-of-paid-plugins/
  • We talked about Tom McFarlin’s last week in regards to premium plugins
  • “paid products based in WordPress and how they are (or are not) promoted within the WordPress.org ecosystem.”
  • WordPress.org showing favoritism by showcasing a marketplace (Creative Market) on main page.
  • CM includes WordPress theme shops and other digital products
  • At the time, no other marketplaces were promoted
  • Commercial themes allowed on .org, why not plugins?

Just the tips

Our weekly dose of tips, tricks and strategies for your consumption!

Austin breaks SEO as we know it! Adding your Twitter handle to your page title


Matt says, “Go to a WordCamp!” 

Just getting back from https://2013.chicago.wordcamp.org/ and I loved every minute. Met a lot of awesome people and felt inspired after the trip.

Scott says, “Use the WordPress Codex!”

If you’re not familiar with the Codex, you should be.

Carrie says, “I agree!” (She also tells us about contributor day)

Carrie agrees with what Scott and I have to say this week and informs us about the core contributor day after WordCamp San Francisco. https://2013.sf.wordcamp.org/2013/06/06/all-the-details-about-contribute-day-2013/

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