Week in WordPress episode 8

This week’s episode really delivers on the heroics. 

Some might say it’s uncanny. Pay attention or it might go by in a Flash!

Ok, enough of the super hero cliches.

Today we’re joined by Brian Krogsgard of Poststat.us and Thomas Griffin of Soliloquy slider to recap this week’s hottest WordPress news. We’re covering all of the #DramaPress surrounding some recent “masked men” on the WordPress scene and much more.

On to the show!

Week in WordPress episode 8

Headlines of the week

WPAvengers enters the scene

Anonymity is bullshit

Captain Woo and the island of misfit extensions

You’ve been GPL’d

WordCamp Europe demographics and selection process

  • 94 submitted
  • 36 speaking
  • European speakers 75%
  • Non-European 25%
  • 25 US submitted
  • Lots of talented people were turned down. It was a difficult process and there was lots of back and forth discussion to get it right.

The word from WordPress: Catching up with Matt Mullenweg

Genesis 2.0 is released

  • One of the most popular WordPress frameworks gets better
  • HTML5
  • Schema.org Microdata

Collections theme review

A new frontier for core development
25k commits since wp started, changing workflow (will remain compatible), develop.svn.wordpress.org new core repo, pulling tests into the repo, tools dir (contain tools that make their lives easier), adopting grunt (task runner) which also means node.js

Just the tips

Krogsgard – https://poststat.us/tidy-repo-reliable-plugins/

Matt – Be prepared to invest in yourself, your company or your next idea.

Scott – Perseid Meteor Shower (peaks aug 12-13)

Thomas – http://thomasgriffin.io/user-interface-conversions/ – build, learn, change, and get better

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