Week in WordPress episode 17

It’s a blustery day at the studio.

That’s not gonna blow this house down.

Matt and Scott are joined by Brian Krogsgard of “Poststat.us” as they talk about the implication of automatic updates in security as well as browser support and the state of Woocommerce.

Quick shout out to the folks who put together a wonderful WordCamp Boston this year!

WordPress Headlines of the Week:

Auto updates are rolling out 3.7.1

There are now 3.8 million users of WordPress 3.7!

While people are still having reservations about whether or not to trust automatic updates, there does not seem to be a problem with the new WordPress 3.7 features.

The folks at Automattic are throttling the downloads for 3.7.1 to save server space and have a nice, even launch.

WordPress Dark Economy

There are still a lot of black hat tactics and spammy practices going on in the WordPress world we know and love.

WP Life produced an article that discusses some of these practices and what to watch.

Specifically, GPL plugins are being sold under a new brand, and you will want to watch for them.

Akismet Blocks 100 Billionth Spam Comment

This was a neat news story. WordPress is very popular, even for spam.

This proves two things.

1) WordPress is susceptible to serious amounts of spam, even with the protection provided.

2) Akismet is doing a great job stopping a LOT of spam.

WordPress.com Moves Up to #7 Ranked Website for US Traffic

Shortly after pushing to the #8 destination one month ago, WordPress is already the #7 highest ranked website in the US.

New tools in Jetpack – like a follow button – are poised to keep the CMS climbing higher than ever.

Thanks WP Tavern for this and the Akismet article.

WordPress is One Of the Best Decisions You Can Make

Now that WordPress is getting so popular, more and more enterprises are coming to the CMS for their web needs.

The guys discuss the pitfalls and positives in working with such an open platform in the enterprise space.

Gnip creates “Certified Products Program” for WordPress

Gnip is the sole company licensed by Automattic to distribute content to analytics services.

The Certified Products Program enables users of WordPress to finally have unrestricted access to the analytics that are being pulled from their posts, comments, etc.

Explicit Browser Support

View the original article from poststat.us here.

Hey it’s very easy to say, “I tested this website and it looks great on IE9.”

It is suggested to design a website within REASONABLE constraints. You should not be held responsible for designing code that does not work in browser versions that are too old.

How big can a WooCommerce store be?

Read original article here.

This discussion and article were initiated based on a staggering survey on MarketPress.

WordPress is capable of handling a large amount of data at once, which is what makes it such a popular and powerful CMS.

Would like to see more people who make these stores with millions of comments and thousands of posts with thousands of products put in their two cents.

Just the Tips

Scott – VIP Quickstart

  • Local development environment for WordPress.com VIP developers

Matt – Tom McFarlin Testing Responsive Design

  • Tools to help making testing responsive design easier than ever before

Brian – Groove HQ

  • Trying to go from $30,000 a month to $100,000 simply by using a blog!


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