Week in WordPress Episode 0

Kicking off our first ever Week in WordPress roundtable talk today!

We were met with a few technical challenges, but all in all, I’d say we’re off to a good start. If you’re looking for a healthy dose of weekly WordPress headlines, be sure to tune in every Friday.

On to the show!

Week in WordPress Episode 0

Fun, excitement, and Curtis McHale doing sign language!

No, I’m kidding…

Jason Coleman of Paid Membership Pro also joined the show to talk about this week’s top stories.

Headlines of the week

ZippyKid drops support for WishList Membership plugin


Pippins Plugins Easy Digital Downloads reaches the 100k download mark


InfiniteWP now serves 100k WordPress sites


Does business belong in WordPress?


WordPress turns 10 years old


iOS WordPress app gets a facelift


WordPress 3.6 Heartbeat API


What’s next?!

First, I’d like to thank our guests Curtis and Jason for joining us — it wasn’t possible without you two.

We want your feedback. Do you think you would like a weekly recap of some of the trending WordPress headlines? How can we make it better? We love WordPress and our way of giving back is to produce great content like this.

Just incase you didn’t know, we create a lot of content around WordPress. I run a WordPress business podcast and also host 3 others shows here at the studio:

  • PressThis – a show reviewing, previewing and evaluating plugins/themes/stuff for WordPress.
  • SEOLunch – we pull some of the top SEO and web marketing headlines and digest them for the beginner in online marketing.
  • FreshDev – we tackle some of the beginner roadblocks to web development and your WordPress website.

You can find all 3 shows on our YouTube channel. Stay tuned!


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