WeekPress #6: Core Contributor Handbook


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Greetings WordPressers!

WordPress has been making quite a commitment to its users lately!  First we had the creation of an event organizer group.  Then we had the introduction on some new social apps to expand the community feel of WordPress.

Finally, this week, we are going to discuss the most recent addition to the initiative, the Core Contributor Handbook.

We will also mention some of the latest and greatest plugins and discuss our new video series.

Read on WordPressers!

Core Contributor Handbook

This week, a call has been made by WordPress’s own Matt Mullenweg for WordPress Core Contibutors to lead the charge on a handbook.  The handbook seemingly hopes to aid those who wish to contribute to WordPress.

The handbook is going to continue to develop as time goes on, and Matt hopes that the currently light handbook will be bustling with digital pages by the time WordPress 3.5 launches in December.

As of right now, the handbook covers elements of submitting content to WordPress, such as designing and coding standards, bug tracking, patches, and testing.  The goal is to make it simpler to understand how to submit content to traditional WordPress outlets.

If you would like to contribute to the Core Contributor Handbook, Matt is asking for 10 hours commitment time per week for the handbook.  The work is strictly volunteer at the moment.


This week saw the arrival of the revamped Digg website.

Digg has been changed to function more like a typical directory website.  People submit links to news content, which now functions more like a Pinterest.

Unlike the old Digg, which functioned with different tools to weed out the garbage, the new Digg is run exclusively with likes, ranging from the typical Digg to Facebook likes and Twitter tweets.

The new Digg is another great tool for those bloggers and website curators looking for more paths with which to display content.  The new Digg makes it super easy to submit links to the website.  Hopefully, Digg will return to its former glory!

Press This or Press That

Quick Announcement: Press This or Press That is the title of our new video series, which is officially live! Our first episode has aired!

Press This or Press That is a comparison piece, where we look at two things, whether they be comparable themes, plugins, apps, etc., and decide which one is more worth your attention.

This video series is part of our pledge to deliver all sorts of great WordPress content every week.

This Week in Plugins

The first plugin featured today is Mass Email to users by Nikunj Gandhi.

This plugin is very simple and perfect for business users.  The plugin has a standalone menu section and allows the owner of the website to mass email to a custom selected list of all active users on the website.

From our experience, the plugin responds well and is a fast way to send a promotional email to a big mailing list.  It even features an unsubscribe option, if the recipient does not like the “promotional” aspect of the promotional email.

Having an easy way to email a large number of people right from within a website is great, and for the user of this plugin, having a quick method to reach a large audience saves time for other activities in the day.

Single Post Message

Single Post Message is a plugin created by Tom McFarlin of 8BIT.

Single Post Message is a simple plugin that allows the curator of posts to place a quick message above a post.  Here is what it looks like in action:

Single Post Message

Quick shout out to the developer for displaying an image on the download page that actually shows the plugin in action.  Far too many plugins do not display evidence of the plugin in action, making it difficult to get the picture on how a plugin actually looks or works.

This plugin is great for bloggers looking to display an editor’s note above their post or businesses and professionals who would like to display a summation of the post to come.

The WordPress Core

Thank you for celebrating yet another week of solid WordPress action!

If you think the contributors to the Core Contributor Handbook should be compensated for their work, post about it below!

If you want some awesome from our team at Slocum Design Studio, contact us below!

See you next week!

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