What’s New in WooCommerce 2

WooCommerce 2 is just around the corner.

On this episode of PressThis, the guys look at the changes made from the earlier version of the world’s most popular WordPress e-commerce plugin.

What’s New in WooCommerce 2?

  • Hold Stock for orders (for a certain period of time until the order goes through or is cancelled)
  • New Shortcodes for Best-Seller and On Sale tags
  • Simplified interface for creating product designation
  • Resend email orders

More to Come

We will be continuing to provide coverage for the new release of WooCommerce 2 as it heads towards its January release date

If you have any questions about the beta or the new finished product, please let us know.

We will eventually release a WooCommerce how-to, so please subscribe to our website to receive the content.

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