Why you need to attend WordCamp Boston 2012

Fresh off the heels from WordCamp NYC 2012, the Slocum team is set land in our home town of Boston.

We’re more excited than ever to attend the local WordCamp which is staged to be the largest yet. As of this article, the event has sold out and anyone who can no longer make the event, is advised to inform the staff so they can release more tickets.

That dosen’t mean you should start selling your coveted seat on eBay. 😉

WordCamp is quite simply a really fun time. You get to meet new faces and catch up with old friends. Impromptu group brainstorms on new WordPress ideas, development workflows, and design concepts happen all the time. You learn, you laugh, and build new relationships.

Aside from the fun, here are the reasons we’re looking forward to attending this weekend:

Networking with the WordPress community

This is far and away the best reason to attend any WordCamp.

As I mentioned before, you will meet all sorts of folks with varying levels of experience. Not just your typical mash up of designers and developers, but publishers, marketers, authors, artists, small business folks, and consultants.

Heck, you might even bump into someone who loves Drupal more than they love WordPress! (OK, maybe not)

Take this time to connect with someone that can augment your WordPress efforts. If you’re running a small business and you need some extra help with your WordPress website, now is the time to get your questions answered. If you’re a development shop like us (hint hint, wink wink) use this opportunity to discover freelance talent to grow your team.

When it comes down to it, don’t be shy, we’re all here to learn and connect!

Attend awesome sessions

There’s so much for everyone to learn at this year’s sessions.

We’re excited to see some of Slocum’s friends take the stage and share their knowledge with us.

Tom Catalini – Tom’s Best WordPress Blogging Tips 

Are you making your first go at blogging with WordPress? Maybe you’ve been blogging for years and you just want a refresher course? Be sure to check out Tom’s intro session and the tip’s he will provide. No doubt he will knock it out of the park!

Jake Goldman – Enterprise Class WordPress

Enterprise as in the USS Enterprise from Star Trek?


Enterprise grade solutions for WordPress by Jake Goldman is sure to be the best session to advance your career as a pro developer or fortify your understanding as a WordPress company providing big business solutions. Be prepared to learn a lot about jumping up to the big league.

Jesse Friedman – Responsive WordPress Theming

Another one of our local fave’s, Jesse will be talking all things responsive in his session.

If this session is anything like his NYC talk, you will be educated and entertained at the same time. So if you’re a developer or designer exploring responsive theme design, be sure to grab front row seats!

Free stuff

Let’s face it, we all love free stuff.

I’m excited to score another WordCamp sticker for the cover of my laptop. I’m sure the sponsors at the event will be giving away some sweet swag as well.

Speaking of giving away…

At WordCamp NYC we gave away free copies of our new premium responsive theme, Minimize

If you want to grab your copy, meet up with us at the event or tweet to @slocumstudio to grab your free download. We hope you enjoy building WordPress sites based on our minimal layout and we have many more awesome themes to come.

We will see you in Boston!

If these 3 reasons to attend WordCamp Boston 2012 aren’t enough – you will just have to come and see for yourself.

We hope to see you there and meet up. Feel free to ask us about business, WordPress themes, or development. We’re all ears!

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