WordPress 3.5 Beta, WordPress 2.2 for Android: Week in WP

Greetings WordPressers!

In this Week in WP, we talk about the newest announcements on the WordPress front.

Your mobile device gets even better WordPress support, the default theme Twenty Twelve launches on WordPress accounts, and the first beta is launched for the upcoming WordPress 3.5.

WordPress 3.5 Beta

At some point this coming week, the first WordPress 3.5 beta will release. This update was released in the WordPress Core site as a blog post, advertising the beta.

This beta is called “scrappy”, meaning it is the first beta and will be rough around the edges.  There is plenty of room for improvement and plenty of time as well. The update does not launch until December of this year.

WordPress 2.2 for Android

WordPress 2.2. for Android

This past week, WordPress 2.2 for Android was released. There were two new features.

The first feature gives the user the ability to add a feaured image as well as display a featured image, right from their Android device.

The second feature has more benefits for the user. WordPress has actually added their built-in stat tracker to the mobile devices, allowing a user on the go to track the performance of a recent article or blog post on their WordPress-powered website.

Twenty Twelve Theme

A few weeks ago, Week in WP brought to your attention the release of the annual theme “Twenty Twelve” for users.

This theme is the new default theme for the framework. Starting this week, Twenty Twelve will also be the new default theme for anyone with a website.

All of your favorite custom work and plugins can now interface with the great new theme.

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