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WordPress Slider Plugin Roundup


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Over the past month or so, our studio has been looking at plugins.

The fruit of our labors is upon you, this ultimate resource for WordPress slider plugins.

Watch the video as well as read below for all you need to know about sliders and which one(s) to select.

(note: to get one of the featured plugins, we have provided a link resource at the bottom of the page)

And the Winner is…

In looking at a combination of price, support, usability, and workflow (common elements of a good PressThis review), Matt and Dan decided that Soliloquy (link in the “Get a Slider Plugin” section) was the absolute best WordPress slider plugin.

It’s fantastic ecosystem and expansion to other mediums like Instagram was a major plus.

It’s pricing model was also simplified and easy to understand.

$19 is the price to get it on your website, while developers can look forward to the $99 plugin with unlimited websites, premium support, and access to all of the add-ons (like Instagram).

It is easily the most visually pleasing and easy to use WordPress slider for developers, designers, business owners, and bloggers.

Close Second Goes to…

SlideDeck 2 is another very visual option for those of you looking for the kitchen sink.

This slider plugin allows the user to put video sliders via Vimeo on their website as well as tons of different templates.

The downside to the plugin is the cost (it is the most expensive on all accounts, from individual to developer), but this plugin also gives the user the largest amount of options from any plugin we reviewed.

WordPress Slider Plugins on an Ecosystem

There were two particular sliders we looked at during our time reviewing plugins that were especially interesting.

WooSlider, from show favorite WooThemes, is a part of Woo’s particular ecosystem. While the plugin by itself costs at least $29, it works wonderfully with their other plugins, like Sensei and WooCommerce.

Being a part of an ecosystem can be important, where as a client you can get everything you need in one place and for a small fee.

The other ecosystem we seldom talk about on the show, yet one that deserves mention, is StudioPress.

Their plugin, Genesis Slider, is a great addition to their library of cohesive plugins.

With StudioPress, you buy the Genesis framework and get access to the different plugins for no extra charge.

For the Minimalist

Nivo Slider is a very minimal theme that focuses on making a clean and easy slider.

We found the transitions to be a bit on the slow side but loved how effortless back-end navigation and editing were.

There was a clear description of what was contained in each slider from within WordPress (via small thumbnail preview) as well as displayed shortcode to make it easy to embed into any page or post.

There were far fewer options than the other guys, but in a world of modern design and simplicity of layout, this plugin may be a good fit for your website.

Not Mentioned in our Video Series

WOW Slider was another option we looked at for a potential slider plugin.

This is another interesting choice, as an external application for Windows or Mac is required.

The application takes care of the editing and creation of sliders. Once finished with the edit of the application you can export the file and implement it using their free plugin for WordPress.

How do Sliders Work?

Sliders were actually created as a part of jQuery, a platform completely separate and different from WordPress.

Know that, while these plugins are great and valuable tools to generate and display sliders on your WordPress-powered website, they are nothing without an appropriate theme.

Your theme needs access to the slider technology via jQuery coding in order for these sliders to do anything.

One of the elements of this architecture that we did not touch upon in our videos is Flexslider from WooThemes, which is a fantastic toolkit that supplies you with jQuery code to get a slider interface that works on both computers and touch screen smartphones running Android or iOS.

Get a Slider Plugin

Here is an all-encompassing list of the different slider plugins available, along with their respective price.

Slider Comparison Videos

Here are some resources to other videos we have posted, comparing the plugins a bit more in-depth.


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