The Loop in WordPress

WordPress Loop Introduction

The main process of WordPress is known as The Loop.

In this video, from the popular Fresh Web Dev series, Dan and Scott look at the Loop, how it works, and why it is important to businesses and blogs alike.

The Loop Example

get_header( );
if ( have_posts( ) ) :
while ( have_posts( ) ) :
the_post( );
the_content( );
get_sidebar( );
get_footer( );

As mentioned in the video above, this is the full example of code used for the Boolean condition in WordPress PHP.

Feel free to copy and paste the code above for use yourself, as it has been provided by the WordPress community in the codex.

Expanding The Loop

In the coming weeks we will show you how to change the way the loop functions.

Imagine the possibilities.

You could specify certain places on a page to display specific posts you have created.

You could create separate windows for the placement of videos tied to categories dictated in your WordPress back-end.

Making the Most of WordPress

This is just the beginning of using The Loop to do crazy and interesting things with your WordPress-powered website.

Please follow us to get access to these custom tips as they are released. Get a leg up on the competition and help your website grow and be better.

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