WordPress Web Designers in New Bedford

WordPress Web Designers in New Bedford

Are you tired of your old website? Not seeing any traffic, or maybe not enough sales or appointments. We can help!

Slocum Studio is a WordPress Web Design Agency located near New Bedford Ma.  For over 12 years, we have provided quality websites to our New Bedford clients while giving back to the WordPress community in which we are rooted.

Our team has developed plugins (easy support video)  in the WordPress repository, and our PressThis YouTube series compares plugins so that new WordPress developers have a place to go for advice.

With all of this experience assisting others, we decided that it was time for a change in focus and philosophy.

Slocum Studio has become the best WordPress development studio in the New Bedford area to meet any need and budget that you have in mind.

WordPress Websites that make money

After moving our WordPress theme website to a separate channel, we decided it was time to prioritize the message of the increased ROI clients gets from using our services.

Customers who are serious about increasing their brand’s value and profits come to Slocum Studio. We work with clients in the New Bedford fishing industry, Insurance industry, New Bedford Art Museum, law websites, and many more.

We develop WordPress websites and solutions that allow the clients to easily update content as they see fit, this ease of use also offers their clients a direct path to the “Buy Now” button.

Slocum Studio focuses on solving the needs of its customers this is the ultimate goal. We work with businesses directly and also with design agencies to build WordPress solutions for any web problem.

Slocum, your work was excellent. To see something come to fruition due to your expertise and knowing what we are trying to accomplish was the BEST!

WordPress Web Designers in New Bedford

The new Slocum Studio is all about the results. We have a solution for any brand or technical solution to a problem. We have built WordPress websites with eCommerce, Membership, Custom Fields, Food menus, payment integration, database functionality, and much more.

WordPress Web Designers in New Bedford

WordPress Support Contracts

A major current focus of Slocum Studio is WordPress website support on a monthly basis. Once a website is launched, companies that are truly looking to make money continue to work with us in supporting their website. This includes marketing and development consulting and tech support. 

We also introduce WordPress support to businesses that did not previously develop with us. Companies like Wheaton College trust Slocum Studio to go in and fix their websites, which were previously built by other parties, agencies, and firms.

WordPress SEO, Support, and Hosting

With our extensive knowledge of SEO and SEM, we also provide hosting and consulting services to meet the needs of our clients.

We optimize websites to gain traffic and know where to place call-to-actions to ensure that people will be calling, emailing, and interacting with your business.

WordPress Web Designers in New Bedford

We also host our client websites on secure servers with our own websites and firewalls to protect against attacks with technology in place to help your site rank on Google.

SEO isn’t only about keywords! There are plenty of elements of SEO that affect the performance of your website. Content is extremely relevant, and blogging is a critical element if you are serious about getting traffic to your website. 

The same applies to backlinks, getting quality backlinks is another key element if you are looking to increase your page rank. Slocum can recommend a plan of action that can get you results within 3 to 6 months.

In the event that we are not the right fit for hosting, we have developed partnerships with many hosting companies to ensure that your site is on the right platform.

Check our work!

With the launch of our new website comes a host of great new website case studies to see. You can also check out our about page to get more acclimated with who we are as a company and why we are the perfect fit for WordPress web development.