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Connecting You With New Ideas

Recently, we held two very successful educational and training sessions here at the studio.

Pro photographer Mark Medeiros, lead a class on learning basic photography. The class was a great success and he is already crafting his syllabus for the second part to his series. Amateur photographers from Dartmouth and New Bedford came to the studio for the hands on learning experience and were delighted with what the learned.

The second class we held by Scott Sousa and myself – Facebook 101: Personal and Business use.

We had many of our clients and local business owners come to expand their potential with the popular social media tool. Scott and I outlined some general uses of Facebook, including posting videos, links, events, and creating groups. Later into the course we discussed good social media practices to increase your business potential.

A hearty Q&A and “here’s how I do this” was had by presenters and attendees alike. A true learning experience for everyone involved.

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Facebook’s Competitor: Google+ Project

Facebook recently announced they are at 750 million users world wide. That’s one massive user base. Who could compete with that?


Today Google announces their new social networking effort, Google+ Project.

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What is WordPress?

WordPress is web software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog.”

WordPress is the world’s most popular web software to develop blogs and beautiful websites. Commonly known as a Content Management System, WordPress allows the developer and designer to build websites that work for you.

If you’re planning on redesigning your existing website, launch a new one, or start a blog make the right choice with WordPress.

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Get A Taste For Azorean Cuisine

The Azorean Grean Bean was an amazing project. We’re going to let you see for yourself how all the pieces of the brand came together for a perfect fit in the Slocum ME family of websites.

We’re proud of this project from the social media consulting to the professional HD video production. So without further delay…

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Ralphs Revitalizes With Slocum ME

Andrew Medeiros is turning up his online presence for Ralph’s Auto Sales.

He’s on a mission to provide a great selection of quality pre-owned vehicles and a premiere service department wrapped within a legacy of great customer service in the Medeiros name.

Andy selected our affordable Slocum ME package to increase his brand awareness for social media, web presence, and compelling web video.

The Slocum team was presented to build a unique coupons page that can be printed out from your browser to present at service appointments.

Filming HD video on location was fun and inspiring. Kenny, their lead video talent, has worked for the family for nearly 30 years. Employees and customers alike enjoyed the onsite production days.

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