The Importance of Having a Company Website

If your business does not have a company website, then it’s time to get one. This is why having a company website is so important to your success.

Nearly half of all searches made on Google are requests for local businesses. No matter how small a company may be, there are people out there looking for it. But how can you start to convert those leads, if you don’t have a website?

A fully functioning site is crucial to the growth of your organization. Read on as we discuss the importance of a company website. 

Improve Your Credibility With a Business Website

One of the biggest reasons to have a professional website is to improve your credibility. Most people will search for you online once you offer your services or products. They may want to browse through what you are offering, check out reviews, or get a general idea of what your company does. 

We found a statistic that said less than 64% of small businesses have a website. That is a really big number when you consider the number of websites on the internet.

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Guest Posting: 5 Tips for Picking the Right Topics for your Business

Guest Posting: 5 Tips for Picking the Right Topics for your Business

About 90.63% of online content gets no traffic whatsoever from Google. In order to fall into the 10% that to get clicks, it’s important that you invest in a comprehensive search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. You’ll need to choose relevant topics, create engaging content, index pages correctly, and build backlinks.

No link-building strategy would be complete without guest posting services. To make this strategy effective, it’s important that you have the top tips for finding a topic that will interest your target market. Read on to learn how to choose guest post topics that will convert effectively.

1. Know Your Target Audience

Marketing isn’t one-size-fits-all. An upper-level B2B consumer is going to have different needs than a young adult looking for consumer products. If you tailor your SEO blog posts to the wrong group of people, you’re not going to engage them (and may, in fact, bore or irritate them).

In order to make content that appeals to those within your niche, it’s important to first figure out who you’re targeting. Consider the services that you offer and the clients that you regularly work with. Google Analytics and similar tools will show you the demographics of those visiting your web page and those who follow you on social media.

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Is WordPress Secure? Website Security Tips to Know

Is WordPress Secure? Website Security Tips to Know


Did you know that 30,000 websites get hacked every day? And that Google blacklists nearly 10,000 websites daily due to malware. almost 50,000 websites for phishing every week. So, you may be asking, is WordPress secure? Website Security Tips to know will help you prepare.

WordPress is the most popular CMS globally, which leads to particular security concerns. However, you can still protect your website from attacks and vulnerabilities.

In this guide, we share some of the best, most comprehensive information on WordPress security, so you can make sure that your site remains safe from hackers, vulnerabilities, and other threats.
Keep reading to find out!

Let’s Start with Why Website Security is important

You wouldn’t let a thief into your home, so why let hackers enter your website?

  • If you own an eCommerce website, hackers can cause a severe loss of revenue.
  • They can steal important information from your website.
  • They can alter the look of your website, thereby damaging your brand. They often install malicious software on your site to spread malware to your users.
  • They can cause havoc to membership sites and steal sensitive information.

Think of your online business (your website) as your physical building. You lock it, maybe have an alarm system; the point is, think security.

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Designing for Credibility: How to Build Trust With Your Website

Designing for Credibility: How to Build Trust with Your Website

Trust is among the top factors when it comes to customer satisfaction with digital experience. Moreover, it’s one of the most powerful motivators for making a purchasing decision. 87% of customers take the reputation of the company into consideration when they’re buying a product or service.  

Given that 81% of consumers start their buyer journey with online research, it’s obvious that your website is the key channel for building trust with them. 

So, when a potential customer lands on your website, it’s crucial to impress them right away because you don’t have too much time. As a matter of fact, surveys show that it takes only 50 milliseconds for people to decide whether they like your website or not – and, more importantly, whether they will stay or leave. 

Finally, 46% of people assess a website’s credibility mainly based on its design and visual appeal.

Here are some tips on how to build trust with your visitors by tweaking and improving your website design. 

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8 Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

8 Benefits of Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed website hosting comes with various features to support and help a website run efficiently and securely. Learn the benefits of WordPress hosting here in this post 8 benefits of managed website hosting.

There are over 2 billion websites, managed website-hosted websites that keep growing by the second. These websites need to be hosted somewhere to be active and online.

Web hosting is your website’s home, where you store all your website data, media, and files. It’s the only way to have a live website that loads for all visitors, no matter where they are.

Keep reading to discover what to look for in a managed hosting package.

Managed WordPress Hosting and how it works

Before buying managed hosting instead of regular shared hosting, you need to know how hosting works and the differences. 

Shared hosting means that you share the server with numerous other websites. In other words, the server resources are available to anyone who will buy space on that server.

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10 Tips for Effective Business Writing

10 Tips for Effective Business Writing

Have you ever wondered how to write like a pro? Copywriters say their profession is a mixture of art and science. Do you know how they found that out? They conducted long years of research, analyzed data, scrutinized results, and reached a conclusion that art and science work better together than separately. Now that’s how you do proper business writing! Let’s discover 10 tips for effective business writing to help you win clients. 

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6 Types of Boston Website Designing Services

6 Types of Boston Website Designing Services

Internet surfing is no longer for the casual user. Businesses understand the potential of the internet—it’s an excellent source for customers looking for your products or services and can help build your brand. Helping you achieve online success is why we wrote this post— 6 Types of Boston Website Designing Services. Slocum Studio is located just south of Boston, MA.

But to convert new customers and clients, you need a well-structured website. And not all website designing services are created equal.

Don’t fall into the pitfalls of using amateur web design or a DIY website builder; if you think you are saving money, you are not, at least not in the long run. Instead, you’ll want to let the real professionals do the work. But how can you find the exemplary website design service for your Boston business?

Creating a beautiful website that converts clients isn’t simple. Professional website design agencies have years of experience creating exceptional sites. They’ll craft a beautiful website that drives targeted traffic to your site, among other benefits

1. Responsive Website Design

Used to be that websites needed to be designed based on device usage.

6 Types of Boston Website Designing Services

You would have required multiple website versions to appear on different devices. So, for example, you would need one for desktop and laptop computers, one for widescreen smartphones, and one for smaller phones like Blackberries.

However, responsive website design has removed the need to make several sites. Responsive design is about creating a site that modifies itself based on the shape and size of the screen.

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7 Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Website Development Company

7 Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Development Company

If you want a website for your business, the best thing to do is hire a professional website developer. Better yet a WordPress website development company– but you decide. We hope you enjoy this blog post on the 7 Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Website Development Company. Read on!

There are currently more than 455 million websites running on WordPress.

Many individuals and businesses use WordPress due to the range of benefits. Building a WordPress site, however, is no easy task. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge, so it’s not something anyone can do.

1. WordPress Development

While you may be an expert in your industry, web development is probably not one of them. However, employees at a WordPress website development company are experts in web development and design. They know what goes into creating a website and how to get things up and running.

Web development involves complicated languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP, which are essentially impossible to understand for someone that hasn’t worked with them before. A web developer can quickly build solutions to problems with these languages related to the functionality of a website, both in the front and backend.

Having access to a skilled developer is almost necessary for this day and age. Many websites require higher skill sets, such as large WooCommerce, membership, and data sites. And some projects require hands-on coding skills over a long period. And knowledge of plugins.

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7 Essential WordPress Plugins Your Business Website Needs

Its ease of use and the ability to be customized is partially responsible for this massive level of popularity, including packaged snippets of code. We’re talking about plugins and how some enhance the user’s experience. Today’s article explains the 7 Essential WordPress Plugins Your Business Website needs.

Read on as we tell you what WordPress plugins are and list the seven essential ones for your website.

Site index- tap the number to go down to the subject line

  1. Analytics Plugin
  2. Contact Form
  3. SEO
  4. Security
  5. Membership Plugins
  6. Online Store
  7. Push Notifications

What Are WordPress Plugins?

A WordPress plugin is a small snippet of software called code that plugs into your website. Plugins provide your website with unique functionality and help enhance the user’s experience.

There are thousands of plugins that can provide unlimited functionality. Some are free, and some you need to purchase. Software developers make them to solve complex problems and complete tasks.

It is their use that is partly responsible for the success of WordPress as a content management system. You can start a WordPress website, use a few plugins, and have your site as a fully functioning business or store in very little time.

Conversely, you may wish to turn your website into an entertaining blog with embedded content and videos. All is possible with plugins.

The good and bad about plugins

We mentioned above that plugins are code snippets connecting to your website. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task with over 50,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin directory.
Plugin Ratings

7 Essential WordPress Plugins Your Business Website Needs

Like Amazon reviews, you can see reviews on WordPress plugins at Generally, the more five-star ratings, the better.

The same applies when investigating whether the plugin is up to date or updated? You can get this report on the same website that the reviews are on. Look for the number of installations, another key indicator.

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An AI-based metrics board

Discover How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Will Transform Small Businesses in 2022

There are many ways artificial intelligence (AI) can transform small businesses. These range from automation to strong web infrastructure and providing better customer service. As technology becomes more accessible, small businesses can now integrate innovative services that can help them in their daily operations.

According to Finances Online, the perception of organizations and business leaders about AI is spread across the following characteristics: 

AI and machine learning are game-changers71%
AI is useful for opportunities with data61%
AI is a significant initiative61%
AI boosters for productivity54%

Also, 47 percent of these interviewees said it’s good to implement AI strategies. AI is the new way of interacting between humans and things within the digital and economic environment. Many of the services and actions people commonly see are possible thanks to the use of AI. 

But how do emerging businesses and entrepreneurship projects succeed by implementing these innovations? The article below explains the stunning trends that help small businesses scale quicker. 

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