7 Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Website Development Company

7 Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Development Company

If you want a website for your business, the best thing to do is hire a professional website developer. Better yet a WordPress website development company– but you decide. We hope you enjoy this blog post on the 7 Benefits of Hiring a WordPress Website Development Company. Read on!

There are currently more than 455 million websites running on WordPress.

Many individuals and businesses use WordPress due to the range of benefits. Building a WordPress site, however, is no easy task. It takes a lot of skill and knowledge, so it’s not something anyone can do.

1. WordPress Development

While you may be an expert in your industry, web development is probably not one of them. However, employees at a WordPress website development company are experts in web development and design. They know what goes into creating a website and how to get things up and running.

Web development involves complicated languages such as HTML, CSS, and PHP, which are essentially impossible to understand for someone that hasn’t worked with them before. A web developer can quickly build solutions to problems with these languages related to the functionality of a website, both in the front and backend.

Having access to a skilled developer is almost necessary for this day and age. Many websites require higher skill sets, such as large WooCommerce, membership, and data sites. And some projects require hands-on coding skills over a long period. And knowledge of plugins.

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7 Essential WordPress Plugins Your Business Website Needs

Its ease of use and the ability to be customized is partially responsible for this massive level of popularity, including packaged snippets of code. We’re talking about plugins and how some enhance the user’s experience. Today’s article explains the 7 Essential WordPress Plugins Your Business Website needs.

Read on as we tell you what WordPress plugins are and list the seven essential ones for your website.

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  1. Analytics Plugin
  2. Contact Form
  3. SEO
  4. Security
  5. Membership Plugins
  6. Online Store
  7. Push Notifications

What Are WordPress Plugins?

A WordPress plugin is a small snippet of software called code that plugs into your website. Plugins provide your website with unique functionality and help enhance the user’s experience.

There are thousands of plugins that can provide unlimited functionality. Some are free, and some you need to purchase. Software developers make them to solve complex problems and complete tasks.

It is their use that is partly responsible for the success of WordPress as a content management system. You can start a WordPress website, use a few plugins, and have your site as a fully functioning business or store in very little time.

Conversely, you may wish to turn your website into an entertaining blog with embedded content and videos. All is possible with plugins.

The good and bad about plugins

We mentioned above that plugins are code snippets connecting to your website. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task with over 50,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin directory.
Plugin Ratings

7 Essential WordPress Plugins Your Business Website Needs

Like Amazon reviews, you can see reviews on WordPress plugins at WordPress.org. Generally, the more five-star ratings, the better.

The same applies when investigating whether the plugin is up to date or updated? You can get this report on the same website that the reviews are on. Look for the number of installations, another key indicator.

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An AI-based metrics board

Discover How Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Will Transform Small Businesses in 2022

There are many ways artificial intelligence (AI) can transform small businesses. These range from automation to strong web infrastructure and providing better customer service. As technology becomes more accessible, small businesses can now integrate innovative services that can help them in their daily operations.

According to Finances Online, the perception of organizations and business leaders about AI is spread across the following characteristics: 

AI and machine learning are game-changers71%
AI is useful for opportunities with data61%
AI is a significant initiative61%
AI boosters for productivity54%

Also, 47 percent of these interviewees said it’s good to implement AI strategies. AI is the new way of interacting between humans and things within the digital and economic environment. Many of the services and actions people commonly see are possible thanks to the use of AI. 

But how do emerging businesses and entrepreneurship projects succeed by implementing these innovations? The article below explains the stunning trends that help small businesses scale quicker. 

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5 Must-Have Construction Project Management Tools

Why is construction project management necessary for you? How do you think an apt software can benefit you in all ways? Let’s dig deeper to understand and fine-tune how we can make things easy and seamless for a construction management project. 

Choosing the right Construction Management Software

Choosing the right project management tools would be of great help for you as it would help you minimize the errors and help you with the efficient handling of the projects. There are so many tools available for your seamless management. But which one would you invest in and how would you find it the best option for the management is what matters. Therefore, we try to cover the best 5 must-have construction management software tools that would help you perform better in the landscape. 

We must understand that construction projects are multi-faceted, and hence companies utilize a consolidated list of tools to make it a productive process

Being well versed in the operational management of the construction, finding the right choice would be a daunting task. It might be used based on the need – it can be utilized to organize, plan and execute construction projects. If you have a budget planned for that, it would be easy to choose the best one. A construction accounting tool would help you manage every nook and corner of the company’s accounting tasks. So, you can utilize and pay for the modules you opt for! No more manual headaches. Let the system work for you, and you focus on the productive competencies. 

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Should You Choose WooCommerce To Run Your Online Store?

Are you looking to start an e-commerce store? Should You Choose WooCommerce To Run Your Online Store? If so, you are not alone. In recent years, selling online has exploded, and the pandemic has only fueled the fire. More and more people are looking to create online businesses to create passive income, financial freedom, or even a side hobby or passion project.

There are a lot of questions that you might have when first starting in this exciting new world. One of the most popular options for powering an online store is the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. But what exactly is WooCommerce, and why do so many people trust it to run their online businesses? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about this powerful and dynamic plugin.


WooCommerce is a free plugin for WordPress. Should You Choose WooCommerce To Run Your Online Store? It provides a fast and easy way to set up your online store and start selling in no time. Its flexibility allows for swift and secure payment management, inventory control, tax management, shipping integration, etc. WooCommerce has an enormous user base and developer community. This means constant updates and customizations are available to keep the plugin working optimally.

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How does web hosting work

How does web hosting work

When web development agencies book meetings with clients, we call those discovery sessions. Last week I had a discovery session with a client that I thought went well. Well, at first. We discussed the cost of a new website design, a domain name strategy, and hosting. I explained “How does web hosting work” in this title post– the options, features, and cost– this was a sizeable website. That is when she shot back!

Why do I have to pay for hosting when I pay you to build my website?

Hmmm, I thought, is this a trick question? But then I realized she was serious. She talked with a family member and a friend who told her it wasn’t right to pay for hosting. 

You could go to almost any web agency and ask if they will build your WordPress website and not charge for hosting, and the answer would be no. I said.

Unless they suggested a free hosting source and a few are out there. But for a web design agency or freelancer to take on that expense probably won’t happen. 

It’s interesting to point out, that she said it wasn’t the monthly hosting cost which was very modest it was the principal of the thing. 

Are you feeling the same way? Let me know in the comments below.

If you’re starting a new website, there is a lot you need to know. The first step toward understanding how people connect to your site is to know how web hosting works. A web hosting service stores all your website information on a server. For people to view your site, they connect to the host server via the internet. 

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Where did my YouTube Comments Go? (A Google+ Story) – copy

 I’m sure you’ve heard by now Google shut down Google+. After data breaches, low user numbers, and being put on the backburners of Google’s focus they’ve decided to terminate the social network.

Back when this post was written, (2013) YouTubers were required to make Google+ accounts. With this integration, comments came from the users Google+ account which more often than not showed the users real names. Changes were made back in 2017 to using the Youtubers comments rather than Google+ user profiles.

Using Google+ is now pretty much a mote point.

Now that the social sites shut down has been moved back from August to April of this year here are the things that you will see go away.

    • Private video sharing to G+ circles
    • Custom Google+ URLs for channels
    • Editing your channel’s icon and art on mobile
    • Linking to any Google+ profiles on channels
  • Commenting features on videos with an outdated YouTube mobile app (Versions from before September 2016)

end of the update-

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Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing: 6 Tips and Strategies

Owning a small business doesn’t mean having a small customer base, but it will if no one knows you exist. That’s why small business marketing is imperative for the survival of your company.

What is Small Business Marketing?

Small business marketing answers all the questions about your business and ushers potential customers into the next steps. The key first, is to identify and find that audience to capture their attention.
You do this by using an effective branding and outreach strategy. Understand that your products aren’t for everyone. Marketing is what will communicate your brand’s values, and help you reach the correct audience.

Start with these marketing tips to reach your target audience, solidify your brand, and gain loyal customers who can’t get enough.

1. Develop Your WordPress Website

As a leading platform in website development, a WordPress website puts you ahead of the game with design quality, functionality, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Creating a website that engages your audiences will help them stick around to get to know and trust you. Those are key first impression factors to gain clients and build solid relationships.

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Cybersecurity Practices that Work

Cybersecurity Practices that Work

The modern organization runs on an increasingly complex IT infrastructure. But though your organization may feel that your infrastructure is as safe as it can be, it’s likely that there’s room for improvement. With every passing day, cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated – and cyber-attacks increase in both scale and activity.  That is why you need cybersecurity practices that work for you.

Let’s take a look at why you should improve your cybersecurity today – rather than thinking about it after you’ve already had an incident.


More people are working remotely today than ever before. During the COVID pandemic, many employees started working remotely out of necessity. Now, at least some of these workers are going to remain out of the office for good.

Cybersecurity Practices online working

Remote working increases a company’s attack surface and leaves it vulnerable. Not only are companies responsible for far more endpoints (such as personal tablets, PCs, laptops, and smartphones), but these personal devices are often left unsecured.

Employees may discuss company information through personal email accounts without two-factor authentication or may leave phones, tablets, and other devices unlocked.

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Running a business during Covid 19

Running a business during Covid 19

Amazon informed its workers that they would be out until October 2020, nearly five months from today. Captial one told 40,000 workers that they will be out through Labor day, possibly longer. Running a business during COVID 19 this way doesn’t seem possible.

Google and Facebook told their employees on Thursday that they could stay home until next year, 2021. Nationwide Insurance is shutting down offices around the country and having its 4,000 employees work from home permanently! As of this writing, Twitter announced some of its workers can also work from home permanently. And more announcements are sure to follow.

What you can learn from a big company during the COVID 19 pandemic

Could your company extend the work at home rule like these? I would assume its possible, but most of us running small businesses have little in common with Amazon (23.6 Billion Valuation), Google (632 Billion Valuation), or Capital One (51.6 Billion Total Equity).

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