Where did my YouTube Comments Go? (A Google+ Story) – copy

 I’m sure you’ve heard by now Google shut down Google+. After data breaches, low user numbers, and being put on the backburners of Google’s focus they’ve decided to terminate the social network.

Back when this post was written, (2013) YouTubers were required to make Google+ accounts. With this integration, comments came from the users Google+ account which more often than not showed the users real names. Changes were made back in 2017 to using the Youtubers comments rather than Google+ user profiles.

Using Google+ is now pretty much a mote point.

Now that the social sites shut down has been moved back from August to April of this year here are the things that you will see go away.

    • Private video sharing to G+ circles
    • Custom Google+ URLs for channels
    • Editing your channel’s icon and art on mobile
    • Linking to any Google+ profiles on channels
  • Commenting features on videos with an outdated YouTube mobile app (Versions from before September 2016)

end of the update-

Google made waves last week when they decided to make a big change to the social flow of the YouTube community.

As a company that thrives on YouTube, we were as surprised as you were when we logged in to find that our accounts HAD NO ACTIVITY.

No messages.

No comments on any of our videos. It was strange.

Then we found out what happened. Find out the wheres, whys, and hows to the Google+ takeover of YouTube comments.

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Small Business Marketing

Small Business Marketing: 6 Tips and Strategies

Owning a small business doesn’t mean having a small customer base, but it will if no one knows you exist. That’s why small business marketing is imperative for the survival of your company.

What is Small Business Marketing?

Small business marketing answers all the questions about your business and ushers potential customers into the next steps. The key first, is to identify and find that audience to capture their attention.
You do this by using an effective branding and outreach strategy. Understand that your products aren’t for everyone. Marketing is what will communicate your brand’s values, and help you reach the correct audience.

Start with these marketing tips to reach your target audience, solidify your brand, and gain loyal customers who can’t get enough.

1. Develop Your WordPress Website

As a leading platform in website development, a WordPress website puts you ahead of the game with design quality, functionality, and search engine optimization (SEO).

Creating a website that engages your audiences will help them stick around to get to know and trust you. Those are key first impression factors to gain clients and build solid relationships.

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Cybersecurity Practices that Work

Cybersecurity Practices that Work

The modern organization runs on an increasingly complex IT infrastructure. But though your organization may feel that your infrastructure is as safe as it can be, it’s likely that there’s room for improvement. With every passing day, cybersecurity threats become more sophisticated – and cyber-attacks increase in both scale and activity.  That is why you need cybersecurity practices that work for you.

Let’s take a look at why you should improve your cybersecurity today – rather than thinking about it after you’ve already had an incident.


More people are working remotely today than ever before. During the COVID pandemic, many employees started working remotely out of necessity. Now, at least some of these workers are going to remain out of the office for good.

Cybersecurity Practices online working

Remote working increases a company’s attack surface and leaves it vulnerable. Not only are companies responsible for far more endpoints (such as personal tablets, PCs, laptops, and smartphones), but these personal devices are often left unsecured.

Employees may discuss company information through personal email accounts without two-factor authentication or may leave phones, tablets, and other devices unlocked.

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Running a business during Covid 19

Running a business during Covid 19

Amazon informed its workers that they would be out until October 2020, nearly five months from today. Captial one told 40,000 workers that they will be out through Labor day, possibly longer. Running a business during COVID 19 this way doesn’t seem possible.

Google and Facebook told their employees on Thursday that they could stay home until next year, 2021. Nationwide Insurance is shutting down offices around the country and having its 4,000 employees work from home permanently! As of this writing, Twitter announced some of its workers can also work from home permanently. And more announcements are sure to follow.

What you can learn from a big company during the COVID 19 pandemic

Could your company extend the work at home rule like these? I would assume its possible, but most of us running small businesses have little in common with Amazon (23.6 Billion Valuation), Google (632 Billion Valuation), or Capital One (51.6 Billion Total Equity).

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Blogging and SEO the Nuts and Bolts

Using SEO in your blog

You hear it everywhere, blogging and SEO helps your website, and it’s true! Blogging and SEO the Nuts and bolts can benefit your website’s traffic and your companies brand.

Having a blog demonstrates the depth of industry knowledge your brand has, proving to the readers that you really are experts in this field. When the potential customer is in the research stage it’s your chance to stand out. Being viewed as adept and helpful is a great first step in attracting visitors.

This brings us to the other great benefit of blogging, the increased traffic, you can start to see how these go hand in hand.

We explain what it takes to write a search engine optimized blog post, and why you should take the time to perform each step. This 6-7 minute read covers the proper format, keywording, and behind the scene SEO tactics.

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4 tips for a successful online business

It’s pretty often that we receive a call or an email from someone wanting to start a new online business. And what are the first words we usually hear from these entrepreneurs? It starts off like this:

  I’ve built up all this knowledge over the years now is the time to put it to use and start something online.

Have you been thinking of starting something online? In this post, we write about what you can expect when starting your own online business. We’ll look at your life experience, brand identity and how to build on yours. This should take about 3 minutes to read.

Translate your Knowledge to content

Have you’ve been running your own business? Maybe a brick and mortar location, home-based, or maybe you’re a professional working for a large corporation. Whichever it is, if you’ve been doing it for a while you’ve most likely gained a good amount of knowledge in your field or profession. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase- knowledge is power, but what good is the knowledge if it stays in your head? I’d rather you think,  knowledge is power when you share what you know. F’rinstance as in blog content, video, or social media. This accumulated knowledge will also help with running your new business.

People consume content usually to help solve problems that they may have. Or, they’re interested in the product or service details that you offer. They’re looking for answers to their questions-  if your content offers solutions or answers to their problems then there may be a good chance that the reader will interact with you, ask for an opinion, come back to read more etc. It might help you to read a past blog post on Editing, Publishing, and writing tools for WordPress. 

People don’t care much about the specs on a hand drill- they just want the 4″ hole that the drill makes. 

To be an online success yourself selling a product or service you need to provide the help, you need to provide answers to those burning questions, (the 4″ hole) that people may have. A blog on your website is where this knowledge base lives. It can be text, produced as a video or an audio file it really doesn’t matter that much. People will perceive you as credible, knowledgeable and as a valued resource when you offer content that is relative.

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Why you need a FAQs page

Why you need a FAQs page

The other day I went shopping for a shower head.  I wanted to see if my shower head, a Moen product, was still under warranty. Since the manufacturer mission statement reads: “Buy it for looks buy it for life”, I thought I would search the Moen website first. I learned something to— Why you need a FAQs page.

In this post, Why you need a FAQs page- you’ll learn about all of the main points to help you build a good FAQ’s page. There are examples and checklists to guide you. This is about a 5 to 6 minute read.

Moen’s FAQs page.

Why you need a FAQ page

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Turning instagram followers into buyers of your product or service

Turning Instagram followers into buyers

If you’re a user of Instagram then you know it only allows you to link to 1 website or page in your profile’s description (unless you’re paying for ads).

This limits your company’s ability to promote a sale, at least by traditional methods. There are those rare cases where some Instagrammers are making some serious money just by posting selfies. This post Turning Instagram followers into buyers is about a three-minute read.

The truth is it is a gradual process when it comes to building your brand on Instagram.

Some interesting statistics when it comes to Instagram users. You might find some of these stats helpful in the list below, with your own marketing efforts. This post has been updated in the first quarter of 2020.

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Homepage Designs That are SEO Friendly

Homepage designs that are SEO friendly

Building a website for yourself or having it built for you requires thought and planning. Homepage designs that are SEO friendly will guide you through the process.

(revised April 2, 2019)
This article covers what you should know to make Homepage designs that are SEO friendly and help convert lookers into potential clients.

You’ve probably read these terms before on-page optimization, keywords, and SEO. The basics of SEO is the use of keywords and copy. Search engines look for this information so they can refer users to websites with the most relevant content.

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