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Building and maintaining an online presence is key to so many success stories today, regardless of industry. Many businesses and entrepreneurs alike are missing out on virtually unlimited potential opportunities when it comes to revenue generation, growth, and scaling. WordPress Website Development is the place to start.

Why stay stuck with an underperforming (or non-existent) website when there are so many people online in the world today?

While it is not logical to avoid change and the ability to grow, so many business owners are too scared at the prospect of entering the digital realm, leaving many possible opportunities to slip away.

Not only can we help you to update the design and overall performance of your layout, but we can help you to develop and bring any vision you have for it to fruition. Let us turn your vision into a reality with a web presence that is sure to impress prospective customers and potential business associates alike.

Slow and Outdated Website?

Do you have a slow and outdated website? Is your website underperforming? Is the loading time of your website turning visitors and prospective customers away? You may need some WordPress Website Development help!

WEB DEVELOPMENTA slow and outdated website will not only turn visitors away, but it will also stunt your business’s potential to grow and scale. According to Stanford Web credibility Research, 75% of users judge a company’s overall trustworthiness off of the first impression they get from their website. If your website fails to load or is significantly delayed, a user is much more likely to seek out an alternate source.

The root causes of a slow and outdated website typically include outdated plugins, design, coding, or a combination. With website and programming standards constantly evolving for security purposes, it is more important than ever to ensure your website is updated at all times. You should not have to live with competitive disadvantages that come with a slow and/or outdated website, and with our help, you won’t!

WordPress Website Development

  1. We pride ourselves on the level of commitment we give to each of our clients. To ensure you get the best website possible, seek out a web developer who has a genuine interest in your company as well as your goals and overall mission.
  2. Search for a web developer that not only focuses on your needs but also researches your specific competitors to help keep you a step ahead of the rest.
  3. Work with a web developer that has an extensive history in website management with a strong positive professional reputation. At Slocum Studios, we put quality assurance first for all of our clients, every time.

WordPress Websites are Reliable

Using WordPress as your chosen CMS, or Content Management System is one of the quickest ways to build credibility with your online image and reputation. Companies both big and small put their trust in WordPress-powered sites. WordPress is not only robust and extensive, but it is also free to use for both personal and commercial use, making it one of the most attractive CMS solutions on the market today.

According to WordPress.com itself, the following corporations currently use WordPress for their official websites and/or blogs:

  • Forbes
  • CNN
  • Sony
  • UPS, and more
    WordPress is much bigger than a simple template or layout, as it provides full customization options as well as thousands of plugins, widgets, and more. WordPress is optimal for traditional blogs, portfolios, and even eCommerce storefronts with WooCommerce. When building a WordPress layout from scratch, it is important to do so within the WordPress framework to ensure your website does not begin loading slower than usual.

Hiring a WordPress developer ultimately means receiving a much higher quality site that is not only coded properly but one that is optimized for speed with WordPress. When working with a web developer who has extensive experience with WordPress, it is much easier to implement changes and customized features while mitigating the risk of “breaking” your website or causing it to slow down. Keeping your website up and running at optimal speeds at all times is imperative for any professional or business owner in today’s world.

Slocum Studio is the Trusted Choice

Finding a web developer you can trust is not always easy, especially if you are WordPress Website Developmentnew to the digital realm or building a website of your own. Slocum Studios has been in the web development business for over 12 years, with extensive experience in WordPress development. We help each of our clients from start to finish when it comes to building the websites of their dreams. Over the years, we have helped 100’s of clients turn their website visions into a reality.

All of our websites are high-performing, appealing, relevant, and effective. Just see our work here!

Whether you are interested in launching a website to showcase your skills and talents or if you are looking for a way to expand the presence of your business online, we can help. We’ve developed WordPress websites for clients in New Bedford, MA, Fall River, MA, southcoast Massachusetts, across the United States, and even internationally.

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