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Learn how we helped a third-generation family-owned packaging manufacturing company launch a new website inline with their global brand guidelines. Based in Rhode Island, Interpak started operations in 1957, and continues to earn customers trust by being faster, finer, and flexible.

Who is Interpak?

Interpak Headquarters, United States

Interpak is the trusted choice for jewelry and presentation boxes, point-of-purchase displays and accessories for manufacturers, national retail chains, and jewelers throughout the United States and the world. Interpak can help transform your products into keepsake-worthy unboxing experiences independent of your location by offering domestic and international production options.

Interpak offers unmatched speed, with an average of 98% on-time delivery and the fastest sample-making process in the industry. It has mastered the unboxing experience. Its products are designed with integrity to ensure yours protection. Interpak uses a full concept-to-completion life cycle, acting as a core member of your team rather than an external vendor.

If you're looking for a personalized approach for your packaging needs, we think Interpak is an excellent choice.

Why Interpak Chose Us for their WordPress Development

Vibrant Colors, Clean Design, Stunning Results

At Slocum Studio, effective color combinations and thoughtful design are key to enhancing a website's aesthetic appeal and improving user engagement, readability, and overall brand perception.

Interpak's Revamped Website: A Showcase of Excellence

Interpak's revamped website is a testament to the power of strategic design. Featuring a masterful color balance and professional photography, the site captivates visitors with striking images of their jewelry boxes prominently displayed in the header. This visual approach immediately draws attention and sets a sophisticated tone for the entire site.

Innovative Design for Enhanced Engagement

Rather than embedding a video block that could disrupt the page's flow, we smartly included a play button to minimize scrolling and keep users engaged on the main page. This subtle yet impactful choice enhances user engagement significantly, aligning perfectly with Interpak’s upscale image and providing a seamless browsing experience.

Focused Product Presentation

Interpak gets straight to business by featuring a comprehensive product gallery of its jewelry boxes right on the homepage. Organized by category, this gallery allows visitors to easily explore its offerings, ensuring that the path to discovering its exquisite products is both intuitive and visually appealing.

New Homepage Design

Interpak website comparison with new website on the left and old website on the right
Interpak packaging example with various boxes and sizes

Our Process

Pro Photography

Slocum Studio provides professional product photography that can transform your e-commerce website. Our high-quality images showcase your products in the best light, while our expert web design services enhance user experience, build brand credibility, and drive conversions. Slocum Studio offers a stunning online store that performs exceptionally and includes top-notch professional photography services.


Mega Menu

Slocum Studio designed a sleek and intuitive mega menu for the new Interpak website, making it easy for visitors to navigate a wide range of products and categories. A mega menu is crucial for a busy website as it organizes content in a clear, accessible manner, reducing clutter and helping users find what they need quickly.

This improves user experience, encourages longer site visits, and enhances overall engagement, ensuring visitors have a seamless and satisfying browsing experience.

Old Menu
Interpak Mega Menu
Interpak Menu
Interpak Footer
Interpak Footer


Informative Footer

Slocum Studio designed an informative footer for Interpak's website. The footer features a sleek search bar, a well-organized resources menu, and a clean, stylish layout. The footer's cohesive color scheme and minimalist design enhance the site's overall aesthetic while providing easy access to essential information.

An effective footer like this is important because it offers users additional navigation options, ensures they can quickly find resources, and reinforces the site's professional appearance, ultimately improving user satisfaction and engagement.

Old Footer


Clean Product Displays

Slocum Studio collaborated closely with Interpak to enhance its product display. By using its blue brand colors and incorporating professional photography, this combination created visually stunning presentations that truly capture the essence of its products.

By selecting great fonts and maintaining a clean display, we ensured that each product is showcased beautifully and clearly. The thoughtful integration of brand colors and high-quality images reinforces Interpak's brand identity and engages customers, making their browsing experience both enjoyable and memorable.

Interpak Jewelry display boxes

The Results

The results of our collaboration with Interpak are a striking example of how effective color combinations and thoughtful design can elevate a website's aesthetic appeal and user engagement. The revamped website showcases Interpak's products with masterful color balance and professional photography. It enhances user experience with innovative design elements such as a strategically placed play button and a well-organized product gallery.

Visitors are immediately drawn to the captivating images of Interpak's jewelry boxes, setting a sophisticated tone from the moment they land on the site. The seamless integration of these elements has significantly boosted user engagement and reinforced Interpak's upscale brand image. The comprehensive product gallery allows for an intuitive and visually appealing exploration of Interpak's offerings, ensuring that potential customers can easily discover and appreciate the quality and beauty of their products.

Slocum Studio's strategic design approach has improved the readability and overall brand perception of Interpak's website and created a more engaging and satisfying user experience. This case study exemplifies the transformative power of thoughtful design and professional collaboration.


Interpak's Google Review

“Slocum Studio completely transformed our company's online presence with our new website

It's not just a website; it's a powerful tool driving more traffic, engagement, and conversions – and it all started with Slocum's exceptional dedication.

What sets Slocum apart:

  • Hands-on commitment: The Slocum team visited our facility multiple times to truly understand our business, operations, and goals. This personalized approach was invaluable.
  • Active listening: They took the time to understand our unique needs, preferences, and vision for the website, ensuring it reflected our brand perfectly.
  • Transparent communication: We received regular updates and prompt responses to our questions and felt like true collaborators throughout the project.
  • Results-driven design: The new website is not only visually stunning but also user-friendly and effective, delivering the results we were hoping for.
  • Comprehensive support: Slocum provided in-depth training on the website's back end and continues to offer expert support whenever we need it.

The Slocum Studio team went above and beyond to deliver a website that exceeded our expectations. If you want a web design partner who truly cares about your success and provides outstanding results, I wholeheartedly recommend Slocum Studio!”


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