Westport Historical Society

Migrating from Movable Type

  • The Westport Historical Society had a website on the Movable Type framework.
  • We migrated the content from that framework over to WordPress for better control of content.
  • The vast archive of all historical photos were saved.
  • White papers and articles were brought over.
  • Existing links were transferred to maintain outbound affiliate links that Westport had.

Why WordPress?

  • History is constantly being made and found.
  • Westport Historical Society is a resource for students and historians.
  • WordPress is THE best place to organize content and add additional resources.
  • We added specific categories to make browsing the hundreds of pieces of content seamless.

Here to Help

While Westport Historical Society had a grasp on the history of its town, would they
grasp a new framework?

  • When our agency develops websites, we do not stop there.
  • What good is a new tool without an instruction manual?
  • We taught Westport Historical Society how to:
    • Manage user accounts
    • Create and publish new content
    • Sort by the correct category
    • Use special plugins to make life easier

Non-Profit Donations

Working with a non-profit organization requires different goals and design.

  • We created a call-to-action and a page for donations.
  • We made the “Donate” page easier to find.
  • Different donation levels were provided.
  • We coded the donation panel to be more secure for the client than before.

Learning Across all Devices

Increasingly, people are studying on tablets and smartphones.

  • We implemented a custom WordPress design to support clean placement of video and images.
  • All of this dynamic multimedia content is viewable on a desktop, mobile phone, or tablet in a unique way.