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Guest Posting Guidelines

Thanks for contributing to our page on Guest Posting Guidelines. We are glad to partner with talented writers, marketers, and revenue leaders who are aligned with our nitch. We have some guidelines and recommendations for the content you intend to submit with that in mind.

Below is a list of Desired Blog Post Themes and Topics we prefer to have writing on

  • Content marketing ideas for small business
  • WordPress related content
  • Inbound marketing
  • SaaS strategies
  • Startup growth strategies
  • Social selling
  • Marketing tips, guides, how to’s, and advice for founders
  • Outbound marketing strategies
  • Sales/marketing tips

While thinking of what to write about, ask yourself these questions:

  1. Will this topic be relevant to our audience and satisfy our Guest Posting Guidelines.
  2. Will this post offer solutions (that don’t require someone to purchase your products or services)?
  3. Do you have the knowledge to write about this topic, are you qualified?
  4. Can you offer insight on this topic?

If you have any questions email a Slocum team member.

Note: We want content from people with hands-on experience in marketing, sales, or a founder. We are not interested in unrelated topics.

Need help with your WordPress project contact us.

Guest Post Content Tips

We want to share content that’s educational, engaging, and entertaining, not product-focused or promotional. We don’t push products or services on our customers that we don’t believe in ourselves.

We may elect to install affiliate links, at our discretion. In addition, add (non-competitive content) relating to one of our web properties, internal links, and the like.

Showing your expertise to potential new visitors is a good use of our blog. And including real-life examples helps. Things like I wrote a 600-word post that ranked better than a 1500-word post. Then explain how and why.  By writing good quality content, you should find people searching you out for more. Here are our Guest Posting Guidelines.

  • Posts should be at least 800+ words long; quality content trumps quantity content. However, longer is great, too, and has obvious benefits. If you need more words to explain your subject, go for it.
  • Slocum Studio reserves the right to add content to your post but will NOT alter your content.
  • We allow a link back to your site in the blog post or your Bio.
  • Make your content easy to read by placing headings, subheadings, bullets, and other visual elements to increase your readability posts.
  • We want to share content that is authoritative and interesting.
  • Personalize it with some humor is good and keep it tasteful.
  • All content MUST BE ORIGINAL; you must link to it if you quote other content. No duplicate content and no syndicated content are allowed. This includes content you have written that appears somewhere else.
  • If you refer to content, i.e., studies, stats, or the like, name your sources or link back to the source.
  • We encourage writing about your real-world experience and speaking authoritatively about what you know.
  • Back up your subject matter with facts. Take screenshots. Include interesting data, images, or graphics. Support your arguments with external references.
  • Please be sure to check your spelling and grammar.
  • We do not allow a link back to sites that compete in the same vertical as us. So, tell us where the link is going.
  • All graphics or images must be owned by you or licensed for use on the blog post.

Submit your post pitch below | You can also submit your write-up via a Google Doc and share it with us.

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I acknowledge that all images and graphics in this post are either owned by me or licensed for my use. And I understand that I am liable should any of the image or graphics displayed in this post cause a violation.