Website Discovery Session

Knowledge is power– and leads to developing a great website

The discovery session is a learning session for both our team and yours. We need to learn everything there is about your business. And you need to learn how we handle our workflow, what assets are needed and how we communicate.

As important, we need to know how you want the website to perform to support your goals. We work together to shape a strategy, based on how you operate your business and how the website can support those activities.

Our typical discover session lasts about 3 hours, but it depends on the size and scope of the project.

What we hope to learn from the discovery session.

  1. Your brand, branding guidelines, colors, graphics, etc.
  2. Full line of services that you offer, with details.
  3. Full line of products you offer.
  4. List of competitors locally, regionally or nationally.
  5. Example of websites that you may like.
  6. Legal restrictions, or requirements in the case of notices, usage of products or services.
  7. Franchise guidelines if applicable
  8. Phases how many, what is the timeline and what is included in each.

Agenda what we cover

  • Business overall, vitals
  • Services or products offered
  • Demographics, your target audience
  • Marketing
  • Website content
  • Social Media

The followup

This process should give us a good overall feel for your business. However, even with the most through sessions somethings don’t get asked or covered. So we like to send out a recap or what we call a strategy assessment as we understand it.

  • Your business goals.
  • Your target market
  • The goals you’re hoping to achieve with the new website.