Jonathan Desrosiers

Slocum Design Studio Welcomes New Developer

Slocum Design Studio would like to welcome Jonathan Desrosiers to the team. Jonathan is taking on the role of the studio’s Web Developer.

Jonathan has been working with the web for over 5 years now, and has an insane ability to pick up on new technologies and techniques quickly and efficiently.

In a day with advanced programming techniques and technologies, it is sometimes extremely tough to relay what is actually happening to the customer. As a consumer it is extremely important to understand exactly what your money is going towards. Jonathan fully comprehends this, and takes the extra step to make sure you understand concepts behind your web applications.

Many times, Jonathan’s communication skills are so good, customers will feel comfortable conversing solely with him, freeing up the project manager to work on other aspects of your project. Add this to his ability to communicate to his coworkers, and your web project will fit together with any other venture you undertake with Slocum Design Studio.

Jonathan also has the foresight to see what your project could become in the future, constructing things in a way that does not cause wasted spending fixing things in the future because they were done without envisioning future features and capabilities.

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