Matt Medeiros

Slocum Design Studio Welcomes New Project Manager

Matt Medeiros is no ordinary manager, he’s the best that there is. Projects he deals with are both on course, and on time with his built-in compass and clock.

He is an expert at translating, deciphering exactly what you need from business language, into tasks and creating project milestones for his team. He fully understands the technologies needed to accomplish today’s most advanced projects, while constantly introducing himself and his team to new emerging technologies. He will get 110% out of his team on your project.

In dealing with Matt, you will find that he will go the extra mile to understand what competition you face. Many companies will miss this is essential in the process because it is all about building a better mousetrap.

Cost is always a huge concern for all companies, no matter the size. Matt understands this and will work to help you gain a realistic overview of your project’s scope, and what it will take to accomplish your goals so that you may divide your budget accordingly.

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